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Company Profile

KYD automatic mask machine factory,founded in 1999,is a professional equipment manufacturer integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service, and a high-end manufacturing enterprise of non-woven deep processing equipment.The headquarter is located in Dongguan.With 15000 square meters of workshops, more than 150 employees,nearly 40 managers and R & D members. We have independently developed "Medical&Labor Protection Mask Machine Series", "Non-woven Cosmetic Products Making Machine Series" and "Non-woven Aviation&Hotel Products Making Machine Series","Medical Disposals Making Machine Series".And we can make the machine according to customers’ unique requirements(ODM). Obtained more than 30 utility model patents, such as the patent for Fully automatic folding type mask making machine, Fully automatic medical gowns making machine,Fully automatic fish type mask making machine, and the Fully automatic medical mask making machine. We have cooperated with Tianjin University of Technology Mechanical Engineering College and become a base for scientific research and practical teaching in the school. At the same time, we are also the school-enterprise partner of Dongguan Vocational and Technical College. From 2011 to 2017,KYD has developed the non-woven medical pants machine/fully automatic folding mask machine/fully automatic fish type mask machine and put on sale .During the time of 2016/2018, KYD focuses on the fully automatic folding mask machine’s expansion function, and achieves automatic valve’s welding and sponge attaching function on the folding mask machine .what’s more , KYD make a big breakthrough about the folding mask machine’s running speed which could reach 80 pcs/min.In2019, KYD achieving the connection of mask machine and packaging machine . Over the years, KYD insists people oriented, continuous cultivate higher quality personnel. We are proud of Innovating products, saving resources, improving efficiency and environment. KYD will continue to hold our belief and perseverance turning “Made in China” into “Create in China” .

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Development Path

  • 2021

    Technology improvement

    Increase equipment production capacity and increase equipment stability

    ■ The speed of the plane mask machine is increased to 150-180pcs/min

    ■ The speed of the folding mask machine is increased to 100-120pcs/min

    ■ The speed of fish mask machine is increased to 140-150pcs/min

    ■ The paper-plastic packaging connection was successfully developed

    ■ Successfully developed the automatic box connection

  • 2020

    Anti-epidemic hero

    Make a great contribution to the global epidemic

    ■ Won the title of National Advanced Enterprise and Advanced Individual

    ■ Won multiple honors for anti-epidemic

    ■ Increase the mask accessories factory to provide a one-stop mask accessories supply platform for mask companies

  • 2019

    Automatic inspection and packaging production line

    The fully automatic inspection and packaging production line was successfully developed

    ■ Automatically detect and reject defective products;

    ■ Automatic packaging production line

  • 2018

    Head-mounted folding mask machine

    Technological breakthrough in fully automatic head-mounted folding mask machine

    ■ The fully automatic head-worn folding mask machine was successfully developed

    ■ Ultra-high speed folding mask machine speed up to 80pcs/min

  • 2016

    Technological breakthrough

    Technological breakthrough in automatic welding valve sticking sponge strip folding mask machine

    ■ Automatic welding valve, automatic sponge stick production line

  • 2015

    Fish-shaped mask machine released

    The fully automatic fish mask machine was successfully developed

    ■ Obtained a national invention patent.

  • 2013

    Folding mask machine released

    The fully automatic folding mask machine was successfully developed

    ■ Obtained a national invention patent

  • 2011

    Medical pants equipment release

    Successfully developed non-woven medical pants equipment

  • 2009

    Mask machine release

    The birth of new mask equipment

    ■ KYD's first mask machine was officially released

  • 1999

    KYD was established

    "KYD" enterprise was born

    ■ Established KYD Enterprise

    ■ Introduce Taiwan's ultrasonic technology

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