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Under the epidemic, these kind deeds continued the warmth...
  Starting from January 6, Shijiazhuang started closed-loop control. Over the past ten days, there have been a group of people who have worked silently to protect the lives of every citizen under the epidemic. Medical staff, sanitation workers, traffic police... they have never stopped running. The footsteps of the epidemic have sent warmth to the cities in the epidemic.
In order to express gratitude to the guardians of these cities, on January 20, Xiabuxiabu Catering Management Co., Ltd. sent a free caring lunch to medical staff, sanitation workers, and traffic police in the city, and delivered urgently needed medical staff Daily necessities. They hope that in this cold winter, they can contribute their modest strength to the warriors against the epidemic and bring warm light.
Say "thank you" to the city guardian who gave silently
"Everyone hurry up and try to make the meal early." In the early morning of January 20, at the Xiabuxiabu Lihua restaurant, the store manager was preparing and shouting. Several people in the house were busy with a big picture. On the chopping board, there are hundreds of catering boxes stacked, and the love meal is about to be out in the big pot next to it.
The idea of ​​sending loving meals to frontline anti-epidemic personnel first originated from takeaways. At present, Xiabuxiabu’s take-out business in Shijiazhuang has been fully launched. During the delivery process, the food delivery staff discovered that due to the suspension of business, it has become a problem for the adherents in the city to eat a bite of rice.
“At that time, someone asked whether they could deliver meals to these front-line anti-epidemic personnel.” said Zhu Junyan, head of food delivery at Xiabuxiabu Central China Market. This idea soon gained everyone’s support. “During the epidemic prevention and control period , Our front-line prevention and control personnel have worked very hard. We do catering, and other tasks can’t help. We can only give them a warm meal, let them eat better, and say'thanks' to these city guardians. ."
In order to ensure food safety, employees are required to hold more than 3 nucleic acid certificates and have not been to high-risk areas. The non-contact food catering method is adopted. The inside and outside of the restaurant are disinfected every 2 hours. Each employee wears a mask , Meal operators measure their body temperature at least 3 times a day, wash their hands and disinfect before taking the job. Meal dishes must be completed in the safe operation room, and the delivery area and packing room should be placed in the delivery area and packaging room for hygienic packaging.
"The logistics department will strictly disinfect the periphery of the warehouse, various equipment and vehicles every day. In terms of food preservation, it is always required to separate raw and cooked food, specialize in special areas, and undergo strict nucleic acid monitoring." Zhu Junyan said, the health of each rider The conditions will be recorded, and every time the rider returns to the restaurant, his hands, feet and delivery boxes will be strictly disinfected, and temperature testing will be completed.
Love meal delivered to frontline anti-epidemic personnel
At around 11:00, the steaming lunch was out. The staff who had been tested and disinfected packed the carefully cooked "spicy boiled hot" love meal and hot drinks, brought tableware, chopsticks and spoons, and rushed to each other Card points.
At 11:30 noon, at the intersection of Yuhua Road, the staff delivered the loving meal to Yang Liang, monitor of the second squadron of the Traffic Management Bureau, Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau. After receiving the loving meal, they reached out to order the food delivery staff A thumbs up. Since the implementation of closed-loop control in Shijiazhuang on January 6, Yang Liang led his squadron colleagues to stay on guard.
Yang Liang said that as a 24-hour duty, everyone rotates for 12 hours, from 8 am to 8 pm. You may have dinner at noon, and dinner is usually not eaten until around nine. "We should do our best to prevent the epidemic, and I am very grateful to them for having a loving meal today."
At the same time, near Zhongshan Road and Jianhua Street, Xiabuxiabu delivered a loving lunch to Cui Junyu, captain of the Environmental Sanitation Brigade of Chang'an District. "I feel very warm in my heart. Someone still remembers us at this time." Cui Junyu said. When the closed-loop control was first started, many sanitation workers couldn't go back when they left home. They were on the street for almost a day. The restaurant was closed and they could not eat. "Later we did nucleic acid, and the unit issued a certificate. Now it is possible to shift work, but we can only go home for dinner, and the restaurant did not open."
Under the epidemic, these kind deeds continued the warmth...
When he saw Xiabuxiabu's food delivery staff, the sanitation worker Zhao Guohui was a little surprised: "Think of us at this time, we must work hard, clean the streets for everyone, and wait until the day when Shijiazhuang restarts busy traffic."
Around 12:00 noon, Xiabuxiabu’s food delivery staff delivered 100 loving lunches to Hebei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. “During the epidemic, we have seen the hard work and greatness of medical staff.” Xiabuxiabu Shijiazhuang District Manager Jiao Liwei said that although the lunch cannot be delivered to all medical staff, I hope that this heart can be felt by all medical staff.
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