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Buying masks have to be optimistic about their functions
  Because of its appearance on CCTV Spring Festival Evening, the "Spring Festival Gala Red" mask painted with the New Year of the Ox pattern suddenly became a "hot item" for this Spring Festival. From the beginning of the New Year together, walking on the streets of Beijing during the Spring Festival, you can see pedestrians wearing all kinds of festive red masks passing by from time to time. But even if it is a festive purchase of "New Year's masks", consumers must also recognize whether the masks have protective functions, and do not sacrifice functions for the sake of "appearance".

Since the "Spring Festival Gala Red" masks became popular in the Spring Festival Gala, the "New Year Masks" on major e-commerce platforms have become consumers' new favorites. On the premise of meeting the requirements of relevant standards, more and more consumers hope to produce some personalized masks according to market demand. On Taobao.com, reporters entered keywords such as "red" and "mask", and various styles of red masks immediately appeared on the screen. Some red masks are printed with the words "Bullish" and a smiling cartoon cow is painted beside them; some red masks are filled with the word "Fu" in different fonts; some red masks provide "Happy New Year" A variety of auspicious blessings such as "Niu Zhuan Qiankun", "Fu Niu Yingchun" and even "Happy Niu Year" are for customers to choose from. Some merchants even specifically mark that the red masks they sell are "the same style for the Spring Festival Gala", and they are specially equipped with screenshots of the Spring Festival Gala scene.
Buying masks have to be optimistic about their functions
Masks sold online

The reporter noticed that red masks with auspicious New Year patterns or blessings are clearly selling well. Many e-commerce platform sellers have red masks showing "monthly sales of 1,000+", and some sellers have even sold more than 10,000 pieces.
When buying "New Year's masks", most consumers are looking at "face value." Some consumers commented after buying "New Year's masks" online: "Happy New Year, please be a good one." Some consumers think: "Masks are very festive and beautiful!"

However, is the protective ability of the high-value "New Year's mask" also guaranteed? In a Taobao shop named "Mask and Wet Wipes Factory Store", the price of 50 "Spring Festival Evening Masks" is 49.9 yuan. On the product introduction page, it only advertises that this is "the same mask for the Spring Festival Gala", accompanied by screenshots of TV screens on the Spring Festival Gala, but the actual protective function of the mask is not introduced or explained throughout the article. What kind of mask is this? Can it protect against the new crown pneumonia epidemic? The reporter rummaged through the product's introduction page, but did not find the answer.

As for the various red "New Year masks" sold in the Taobao store of another "Qiguan Pharmacy Flagship Store", the merchant said that the filtering rate of the masks against bacteria is ≥95%. The outer packaging box of each mask is clearly marked with the words "Medical Surgical Mask", and the merchant has also posted a medical device registration certificate issued by the drug regulatory department.

Masks with printing are not allowed. The reporter learned from the market supervision department that the state currently does not make special regulations on mask printing. It is only stipulated in the "Technical Specifications for Daily Protective Masks" that the outer layer of the mask is evaluated for dry rubbing color fastness and the inner layer is evaluated for wet rubbing color fastness, and the results shall not be lower than level 4. In other words, the dye in the mask cannot fall off, nor can it cause discomfort to the human facial skin.
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