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The U.S. raises the alarm once again
  Since the outbreak of a new crown epidemic last year, it is still raging. As the epicenter of the new crown epidemic in the world, the United States has not played its due role as a superpower. Instead, it has continuously used the epidemic to play political games. In this new crown epidemic, China not only controlled the domestic epidemic quickly and well, but also extended a helping hand to other countries and made a judgment. Just recently the United States once again sounded the pandemic alert, and the earliest situation may come.
The U.S. raises the alarm once again
U.S. pandemic raises alarm again

At the time of the handover of last year this year, the United States was agitated because of the presidential election. It seems that the new crown epidemic has once again covered the United States with a layer of haze at a time when people's eyes were temporarily shifted. The United States once again set a new high in the number of deaths due to new coronary pneumonia throughout January, but recently the United States has sounded the latest outbreak alert. The mutant new coronavirus that was first discovered in the United Kingdom has now been found in patients in many places in the United States. This mutated new coronavirus is more infectious, harmful, and resistant to drugs. According to the statistics of American experts, in fact, the number of people infected with the mutated virus in the United States is more than the actual number, so the situation in the United States is very likely Further deteriorated.
The U.S. raises the alarm once again
America’s most intractable problem has not yet been resolved

The new crown epidemic currently has the hope of being completely defeated due to the advent of vaccines. However, for the current situation in the United States, vaccine production is a huge problem. Vaccinations in various states are slowly being carried out, and there are even a large number of U.S. citizens who do not trust the country are unwilling to vaccinate the vaccine. If we wait for time to advance again, the new coronavirus will further mutate, and the effectiveness of the vaccine that has been developed will be greatly reduced. Although the new US President Biden has attached great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic, it is still doubtful whether Americans, who value personal freedom and civil rights, are willing to cooperate wholeheartedly with Biden's governance methods, just like during the Trump administration.
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