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Three ways to save the mask face
  Why does wearing a mask cause skin problems such as acne?
After wearing a mask, a closed environment is formed. The local temperature and humidity of the skin increase, forming an hypoxic environment, which can easily cause the reproduction of fungi or Acne propionate. In the hot and humid environment of the mask, the local microenvironment changes, the sebaceous glands secrete relatively vigorously, the hair follicle ducts are blocked by keratinization and cause infection, and inflammation is prone to cause acne.
Three ways to save the mask face
Wearing a mask for a long time can also cause or aggravate other facial skin diseases, such as seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, and hormone-dependent dermatitis. For people with sensitive skin, the skin on the back is more fragile.
Rescue the "mask face", these methods are almost ready!

01 Sensitive skin
If it's just people with simple skin and sensitive skin, such as people who are prone to skin problems without applying moisturizer after daily physical activities or sun exposure, their skin has not reached the level that needs treatment, so this type of people often do more in their daily routines. Do good maintenance: choose the right cleanser and skin cream, clean and moisturize the skin; avoid the intake of seafood, alcohol or other allergic foods.

02 Skin problems caused by wearing inferior masks
You can change the mask and go to a regular pharmacy to buy it. The general population or those who are not in high-risk areas do not need to choose N95 and other strong sealing masks. Medical surgical masks or ordinary disposable masks can also meet the requirements of epidemic prevention.

03 It has been clearly diagnosed as acne and rosacea
At present, there are standardized treatment guidelines for acne or rosacea at home and abroad, and treatment can be graded according to the severity of the disease.
If the mask becomes the cause of the recurrence or aggravation of acne or rosacea, then try to avoid reducing the frequency and time of wearing a mask, and the corresponding treatment plan is as usual. In addition to national regulations, public places need to wear masks in accordance with epidemic prevention requirements. In places with outdoor air circulation or alone in the room with open windows for ventilation, masks are not required to allow the skin to "permeate".

In addition, when facial skin redness is caused by various inflammations, we should first control the inflammation.
The use of hormone drugs may cause hormone-dependent dermatitis. At the same time, due to the repeated attacks of long-term acne and rosacea, the inflammation repeatedly stimulates the facial blood vessels, which can lead to hyperplasia, congestion and expansion. Although this symptom will improve with the decrease of inflammation, blood vessel flushing that has already proliferated may need to be treated with the help of equipment, such as laser and intense pulsed light therapy.