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Have you stepped on these "thunders" about masks?
  There are many types of masks, but different masks have different protective effects. If you want to achieve protection standards, you need to choose the right mask! There are some cognition mistakes about masks. Today, I need to talk to you about it, so as to prevent friends from stepping on thunder in the later period!

Have you stepped on these "thunders" about masks?
1. Are all three-layer masks medical surgical masks? wrong!

There may be many friends who have this misunderstanding. They think that as long as the mask is three-layered and thick to the touch, this kind of mask is a surgical mask. Only those that meet the relevant technical parameters are called medical surgical masks. Keep this in mind. ~

   2. You still need to wear a mask after receiving the new crown vaccine

Some friends may feel that they have already been vaccinated, so they don’t need to wear a mask anymore, but this idea is wrong, because after the second injection, they will not be directly immune, so wearing a mask should still be arranged. What we can do is try to protect ourselves and others around us.

Have you stepped on these "thunders" about masks?

3. The 3M mask in our mouth, this is the brand, not the model

   There are many people who think that 3M is a model. In fact, most of the N95 masks currently on the market, careful friends will find that there is a 3M mark on the mask. People may think it is certification or protection level, but it is just a mark, so everyone has to figure this out.

   4. There are also some misunderstandings that often appear in wearing

  Wearing a mask only covers the mouth but not the nose. In fact, it is the same as not wearing a mask. It has no protective effect at all. If the mask needs to be worn for a long time, here is the suggestion: wear medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks for no more than 4 hours, and if they get wet in the middle, they need to be replaced in time. If you are wearing a KN95 mask, you can wear it continuously for more than 48 hours, but it also depends on the person who wears it. For example, medical workers need to change it every 4 hours, not more than 8 hours.
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