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The US Senator was scolded on hot search without a mask
  "Add him to the no-fly list!" Last weekend, the US Republican Senator Ted Cruz of the United States flagrantly violated the aviation health and epidemic prevention regulations, and was caught "present" without wearing a mask while flying, which caused public anger. In the past two days, he was even scolded as "hot search" on Twitter. Netizens have said that as a federal senator, Cruz has ignored public health safety during this extraordinary period, and should be included in the "blacklist" by airlines. It is understood that there is a precedent of “no-fly” during the new crown epidemic in American airlines. The company is currently investigating related misconduct.

Time Magazine of the United States reported on the 14th that on the 12th of this month, Cruz flew from Houston, Texas to Dallas, and was photographed by fellow passengers because he did not wear a mask according to regulations during the flight. The photo shows that Cruz, who was sitting in the first-class cabin, was holding coffee in one hand and fiddling with his mobile phone in one hand, and his face was completely exposed (as shown on the left). According to the regulations of American Airlines, all passengers except young children and people with disabilities must wear masks to board the aircraft, and they can only take off during meals; and for passengers who refuse to cooperate with the airline health and epidemic prevention policy, the airline has the right to refuse their boarding Aircraft, or even ban them.

The insider who first exposed this photo was called Jose Hannad, who served on the Democratic Congressional Election Committee of the United States. He stated that this photo was obtained from a friend. Once the scandal was exposed, it quickly attracted netizens' close attention. Enard's tweets were liked and retweeted more than 100,000 times within two days. Some netizens said angrily that this kind of behavior that does not care about the safety of others is "irresponsible" and "endangering society". On Twitter, "No Flying Cruz" and "No Flying Ted" have become hot topic tags.
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