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Brazilian expert: China makes overall plans to help epidemic prevention and growth

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Xinhua News Agency, Brasilia, August 24 (Reporter Bian Zhuodan) After successfully controlling the new crown epidemic and rapidly resuming economic growth, China's gross domestic product (GDP) in the first two quarters of 2021 increased by 18.3% and 7.9% year-on-year respectively. Brazilian economist and director of the Brazil China Research Center Ronny Lins said that this is mainly due to the strong overall planning of the Chinese government.

Lins said that in the face of complex epidemic challenges and domestic and foreign environments, the Chinese government has coordinated epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work, successfully restored economic operations and provided strong guarantees for employment and people's livelihood. Last year, China became the world's only achieve positive economic growth in major economies.

Lins believes that whether China can achieve major results in the fight against the epidemic in a short period of time depends on the "planning, determination and unity" of the government and all sectors of society. From a global perspective, China provides technical information, dispatches health professionals, and provides various forms of assistance to countries in urgent need.

In terms of stabilizing and restoring economic growth, Lins believes that the Chinese government plans to focus on coordination and coordination at the micro level. "Some major governance issues will be dealt with through the five-year plan, during which annual adjustments will be made."

Lins believes that in the process of China's economic recovery, the open policy is a bright spot. Lins said that the Chinese government provides an open environment for new investment, enhances the transparency of trade agreements, strengthens the protection of intellectual property rights, strengthens investor confidence, and creates a favorable environment for attracting investors.

In addition, a series of online economic and trade activities hosted by China during the epidemic have attracted the eyes of global investors and have a positive impact on global economic development. Lins said that China not only provides a good environment for global suppliers to increase circulation and business, but also shares Chinese market dividends with other countries through activities such as the China International Import Expo.

On July 26, at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), the staff at the pre-show supply-demand matchmaking meeting in the food and agricultural products exhibition area, medical equipment and medicine and health care exhibition area of the 4th CIIE introduced a sequencer exhibit.

Lins also pointed out that due to the rapid recovery of the manufacturing industry, China's export of products and services such as anti-epidemic materials to countries that have been hit by the epidemic has played an important role in stabilizing the supply in the global market.

Lins believes that China's anti-epidemic experience and recovery strategies are worth learning. Each country should plan rationally according to its own characteristics, and should not try to impose a series of false accusations on other countries in order to cover up its own mistakes in responding to the epidemic, as some countries do.


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