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New crown epidemic rebounds, New Zealand's largest city extends "closure"

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 13-New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on the 13th that Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, will extend the strict "closure" measures to curb the spread of the delta strain of the new crown mutant virus.

On the 13th, the New Zealand health department notified 33 new confirmed cases of new crowns across the country, all in Auckland, which was higher than the 23 and 20 reported on the 11th and 12th.

Ardern said at a press conference that day that Auckland's current highest-level four-level epidemic response will continue until midnight on the 21st, after which it will be downgraded to a three-level response. "Obviously, there is no widespread virus transmission in Auckland, but as long as there are (still) new cases, there is a risk."

On August 20, people drove in line at a temporary testing point in Auckland, New Zealand, waiting to be tested for the new crown.

According to New Zealand's epidemic prevention regulations, everyone should be isolated at home during Level 4 response and cut off all possible interpersonal contact. Anti-epidemic restrictions under the three-level response are slightly relaxed, but offices, schools and public places are still closed.

On August 17, a local confirmed case was found again in Auckland after a lapse of six months, and New Zealand was immediately "closed" across the country to implement the most stringent anti-epidemic response measures. A total of 955 confirmed cases have been confirmed in this round of the epidemic in New Zealand, most of which are in Auckland.

Starting at midnight on September 7, the epidemic prevention response level outside Auckland has been reduced to second level, but indoor event venues must not gather more than 50 people, outdoor event venues must not exceed 100 people, and indoor public places must wear masks.


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