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The epidemic is alleviated! Chile declared an end to the disaster emergency

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Chilean President Pi?era made a video speech on the 27th, saying that considering the current relief of the new crown epidemic in Chile, the disaster emergency that was implemented on March 19 last year will not be extended after its expiration on September 30 this year.

On September 27, a child was vaccinated against Coxinga's new crown vaccine at the Providencia School in San Diego.

In his speech, Piniella said that the disaster emergency provides the government with more policy basis such as lockdowns and curfews to deal with the epidemic. In the past three months, the implementation of a series of public policies such as the large-scale vaccination of the new crown vaccine and the cooperation of the people have made the Chilean epidemic trend to ease.

Pi?era reminded the public that the epidemic is not over. The new measures mean more freedom of movement and greater responsibilities. The people still need to continue their personal protection.

The Chilean Ministry of Health announced on the 27th that it will update its anti-epidemic measures. The new measures no longer restrict the holding of various events, but will set different upper limits for the number of participants according to the severity of the epidemic; from November 1st, it will restrict the whole process of the new crown vaccine for people over 12 years old. The vaccinated persons take public transportation for inter-city travel.

Official data show that as of 21:00 on the 26th, Chile had 640 new confirmed cases of new crown in the past 24 hours, with a total of 1,652,364 confirmed cases; 5 new deaths and a total of 37,445 deaths. The number of COVID-19 patients receiving treatment in the intensive care unit has recently fallen to the level at the beginning of the epidemic in April last year.

So far, 13.4 million of Chile's 19 million people have completed the entire course of COVID-19 vaccination. Starting on September 27th, Chilean children aged 6 to 11 have begun to vaccinate China's KXING new crown vaccine on a large scale in schools.


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