Lanzhou school resumes offline teaching prevention and control plan: teachers and students must wear masks strictly for indoor teaching-KYD Mask machine
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Lanzhou school resumes offline teaching prevention and control plan: teachers and students must wear masks strictly for indoor teaching

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The Lanzhou Bureau of Education recently issued the "Lanzhou Primary and Secondary Schools' Implementation Plan for the Resumption of Offline Teaching and Epidemic Prevention and Control", which clarified that the students in each school will arrange their studies and life in the school at the wrong time and peak, and the campus will be divided into different regions by grade, class, and dormitory. Unit management, try to study between each unit, the living space is relatively fixed, and the contact persons are clear. Before the epidemic prevention and control is normalized, teachers and students strictly wear masks for indoor teaching.


It is reported that the Municipal Education Bureau requires all schools to adhere to the "four requirements" (health code, normal body temperature, travel permit, wearing a mask), strict "three-code joint inspection" (nucleic acid, travel, health), registration, and refine the "three processes" (Body temperature detection abnormal handling process, normal teaching sudden discomfort handling process, unit teaching fixed management process). Schools must strictly adhere to "If the school’s epidemic prevention and control conditions do not meet the local epidemic prevention and control requirements, offline teaching cannot be resumed; offline teaching cannot be resumed if the school’s various prevention and control measures are not in place; effective emergency plans and drills are implemented If it is not in place, the epidemic prevention and control requirements of “offline teaching cannot be resumed”, and the work of resuming offline teaching and epidemic prevention and control must be carried out strictly and practically and meticulously.

Each school implements relatively closed management. In principle, parents are not allowed to enter the school at will, and the parent meeting takes place online. Boarding primary and secondary schools implement closed management, and it is strictly forbidden to enter or leave the campus by social workers. Strictly standardize the examination and approval procedures for students to leave school abnormally, strengthen the management of students who arrive at school on a staggered peak, and achieve "point-to-point" travel from home to school. All schools require strict implementation of prevention and control measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and interrogating the "one-meter line", and suspend large-scale lectures, teaching and research, gatherings and other gathering activities. Some activities such as teaching, teaching and research, conferences, etc. can be carried out through informational means such as network platforms. Strengthen the management of dining and accommodation in boarding schools. Before the epidemic is eliminated, encourage qualified students to go to school and eat at home as much as possible, and strive to reduce the gathering of people in restaurants and dormitories.


On the basis of comprehensively sorting out and summarizing the online teaching situation, each school further investigates the omissions, consolidates the online teaching knowledge and connects the online and offline teaching, and adjusts and optimizes the teaching plan according to the online teaching situation, so as to scientifically and effectively Arrange teaching time to ensure that the nationally prescribed courses are fully opened. Comprehensively reduce the total amount and duration of homework, standardize the number of exams and test content, strengthen mobile phone management, ensure adequate sleep, promote physical health, increase reading supervision, and standardize off-campus training behavior.

Strictly implement the "daily report, zero report" system after the offline teaching starts, and continue to strengthen the health monitoring of all teachers, students and employees and normalize epidemic prevention and control management.


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