The "grass officials" behind the medical and nursing aid in Shanghai: let the front line of the anti-epidemic be at ease and warm-KYD Mask machine
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The "grass officials" behind the medical and nursing aid in Shanghai: let the front line of the anti-epidemic be at ease and warm

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The "grass officer" loaded the supplies into the truck. Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital

China News Service, Hangzhou, May 25th (Qian Chenfeilin and Yangqing) On the 25th, the reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital that Shanghai held a farewell ceremony for the medical team and hemodialysis medical team of the Shanghai-aid Fangcang shelter hospital of Zhejiang Province yesterday. Presented the pennant of "Starry Night Helps Shanghai to Warm the Pujiang River, Xinglin Ji Shiyi Gao Yuntian" to express gratitude to the medical team of the hospital.

There is sufficient "grain and grass", and there is no need to worry about the epidemic. During the epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai, Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, in accordance with the deployment of Zhejiang Provincial Health and Health Commission, was responsible for the material security of the Zhejiang Provincial Aid Shanghai Medical Team and the Zhejiang Aid Shanghai Fangcang shelter hospital medical team, ensuring that the medical team went all out to complete the work. Task.


The "grain official" organizes the supplies. Photo courtesy of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital

Material support has tight working hours and heavy tasks. The quantity and variety of materials are huge, and the distribution locations are scattered and special. Due to the limited storage space in front of the materials, the materials need to be delivered every day, and the delivery will be in place the next day.

Under the high attention and front-line command of the hospital leaders, the staff of the procurement center of the hospital gave up rest time and made every effort to ensure the material supply of the front medical team day and night. Based on the number of medical teams, they estimated the daily demand for various materials (such as protective clothing, gloves, etc.), set up a 3-day warning line for material reserves, and ensured the daily supply of conventional materials. Every night or even in the early hours of the morning, they receive a list of various material needs from the medical team. They will assign them to designated personnel for sorting, stocking and emergency procurement according to the five categories of medical treatment, living, pharmacy, inspection and meals. Receipt, inspection, and packaging to ensure that the materials are shipped on time.

After the outbreak in Shanghai, Ling Lei, director of the Purchasing Center of Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, as the general logistics support of the Zhejiang Medical Team, was in charge of supporting the front. Assistant to the director, Bao Zhengan, was responsible for the rear material support, and was responsible for the Zhejiang Provincial Medical Team and Fangcang shelter hospital. Procurement of protective materials and living materials required by medical teams every day.

Bao Zhengan's wife, Wang Xuejiao, is a nurse in the hospital, and she also helped Shanghai as a member of the Shanghai-aided medical team. Their two sons, one is in the first grade of primary school and the other is only 15 months old. Although he can't take care of the small family for the time being, Bao Zhenqian said: "As a pair of ordinary double workers in Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, we must be worthy of the status of 'Zhejiang doctors'. I feel sorry for my family during this time. When I get home from work, the children are already asleep."

As a member of the procurement center, Jiang Tao has prepared a total of 200,000 pieces of medical supplies for the members of the Zhejiang Provincial Aid Shanghai Medical Team and the Zhejiang Provincial Makeshift Hospital Medical Team for more than a month, including more than 110,000 protective suits, and more than 200 departures. Behind these numbers, there are dozens of days and nights that are going all out and waiting. For more than a month, Jiang Tao has not had a full day off, nor has he gone home for a single dinner.

Wu Haixiang is also a member of the procurement center. He is nervous every day to help prepare the materials needed by the medical team, and is responsible for sorting out the details of the quantity of materials sent every day. Going out early and returning late has become a daily routine. When I go out in the morning, my family has not woken up. When I get home in the evening, my two daughters are already asleep. "It's okay for us to be tired. We must make our comrades who are fighting on the front line of the epidemic feel at ease, assured and warm." Wu Haixiang said. (Finish)


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