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Fengdu County leaders participate in emergency drills for epidemic prevention and control

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Xinhua News from Chongqing, May 28 (Reporter Bai Diaoyin, Correspondent Chen Jia) On May 27, 2022, Fengdu County, Chongqing organized the 2022 main training class for leading cadres with outstanding county management and deputy positions and participated in Bixi, Sanhe Street Community "Community Service Management Emergency Drill under the Background of Global Static Management". 37 trainees participated in the epidemic prevention and control emergency drill in Area C of Bixi Community Resettlement House as volunteers, and joined the nucleic acid detection team, material distribution team, checkpoint duty team, medical rescue team, emergency response team, special care team, etc. .


The drill site (Photo courtesy of the Housing and Construction Committee of Fengdu County, Chongqing City, issued by the Central Radio Network)

At the drill site, the trainees actively cooperated with the street community and property management personnel, and participated in the emergency drill work in an orderly manner, and successfully completed the drill tasks, showing the good mental outlook of the outstanding trainees and reflecting the trainees' excellent skills. Qualities and skills. The event was broadcast live on the whole network. The students cooperated with all staff to successfully complete the investigation and handling of the epidemic situation of 274 people in 100 households in the society, which showed the courage and emergency handling ability of party members and cadres at critical moments, and further exercised major risk issues. adaptability. The trainees expressed that this activity is of great significance to improving the actual combat and thinking ability of leading cadres, and putting theory into practice, and it also shows the responsibility of our new generation of leading cadres, which will deepen the response to such emergencies in the future. Experience.


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