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International Observation | The United States' anti-epidemic chaos has been widely criticized

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According to the New York Times, as of May 28, the United States had an average of nearly 110,000 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia per day in the past week, a 22% increase from two weeks ago; nearly 26,700 hospitalized patients, an increase of 26% from two weeks ago %. Some experts have pointed out that the true figure may be five to 10 times higher, because home testing is often not included in official case counts. The US "Washington Post" commented that the United States may be "in the midst of a silent surge in cases".

Recently, the number of new coronavirus infections and hospitalizations has surged in many parts of the United States. According to the US "Wall Street Journal" report, the surge in confirmed cases is expanding beyond the northeastern United States, and the Midwest to Florida is facing the pressure of rising cases. U.S. health officials and experts say a surge in cases is expected during the southern summer, which could be worse than in the summer of 2021. Experts also warned that if the U.S. Congress does not allocate billions of dollars in aid to fight the epidemic soon, "many unnecessary loss of life" will continue to occur in the United States.

"You just have to look at the infected friends, colleagues and neighbors around you to see how extraordinary the number of people who are infected right now is," said Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. , According to statistics from NBC News and the "World Real-Time Statistics Website", the cumulative number of deaths from new coronary pneumonia in the United States on May 12 has exceeded 1 million.

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Statistics from NBC News and the World Real-Time Statistics website show that the cumulative number of deaths from the new crown in the United States has exceeded 1 million. Xinhua News Agency

"The New York Times" wrote: "Every deceased leaves behind countless mourners, and this chain reaction of bereavement has swept across many cities and towns." The family of NBA star Towns has 7 relatives who have died because of the loss of a loved one. Passed away from COVID-19. Downs said sadly: "In my mother and my family, many people have been infected with the new crown virus ... I have been looking for answers, trying to give my family enough information to do everything possible to survive."

Data show that about 75% of deaths in the United States are people over the age of 65, and they account for only about 17% of the total population. Claudia Mahler, an independent expert on the rights of the elderly at the United Nations, pointed out that there are still serious omissions in the number of deaths in nursing homes during the epidemic in the United States. The Washington Post website said: "We are losing our elders, not only because they are vulnerable, but also because of a more entrenched epidemic: (believe) that the lives of the elderly are not worth cherishing."

Data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also shows that the infection rate, hospitalization rate, and case fatality rate of Indians are 1.6 times, 3.1 times, and 2.1 times that of white people, respectively; African-Americans are 1.1 times, 2.4 times, and 1.7 times that of white people, respectively. times. Berkeley Franz, a scholar at Ohio University in the United States, published an article in March this year, pointing out that racial factors are related to the severity of the disease and the mortality rate after contracting new coronary pneumonia, because the concept of differential treatment of different races is deeply rooted in American society, whether in Education and medical fields are still in daily life.

The epidemic prevention and control measures are capricious, the statistics and reports are distorted, the two parties are wrangling each other, the federal government and local governments go their separate ways... The chaos in the fight against the epidemic in the United States has been widely criticized. "The U.S. response to the pandemic was completely wrong," American writer Peter Van Buren said in the New York Post. "Part of its failure is due to bipartisan politics... Americans are more fundamentally healthy than most others. The developed world is going to be bad, and it's exacerbating it. Income inequality, high poverty rates, and obesity, diabetes, etc., all contribute to our underlying health problems."

John Brownstein, an epidemiologist at Boston Children's Hospital in the United States, said the federal government lacked the preparations, clear thinking and political will in the early days of the epidemic to properly respond to the threat of the new coronavirus. Even now, there are still huge differences in the fight against the epidemic in the United States. "Not only those safe and effective vaccines, but even the wearing of masks is still controversial."

David Blumenthal, chairman of the Commonwealth Foundation, pointed out: "The failure to fight the epidemic is inseparable from conceptual and political differences. The way people deal with the epidemic reflects their views of parties and governments." The British "Guardian" Some people are more vulnerable to Covid-19 because they have "little trust" in healthcare providers and refuse to accept preventive measures such as social distancing, wearing masks and vaccinations, he said. It's a disconnect that some politicians in the US "send misinformation and undermine the advice of scientists that only exacerbates it."

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, spending on state and local public health departments in the United States has fallen by 16% and 18%, respectively, over the past 10 years. The U.S. spent $516 per capita on long-term care in 2018, less than half that of other advanced economies. Celina Gunder, an associate professor at New York University in the United States, said that due to insufficient manpower, some nursing homes in the United States failed to follow relevant norms for epidemic prevention and control.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that the United States should have been the most prepared country to deal with the new crown pneumonia pandemic, but turned out to be one of the countries most affected by the epidemic. "This is an unbelievable tragedy and many of these deaths could have been avoided." "We've failed miserably in our response to the pandemic," said David Rosner, a professor at Columbia University's School of Public Health. The fact that the U.S. has the highest death rate from Covid-19 among the richest nations has exacerbated that frustration. "It's not just a failure of the health system, it's a failure of American ideology," Rosner said.

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