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If you stay in the hospital for a long time, it is recommended to wear an N95 mask

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At present, there are still sporadic cases in Shanghai society, and protection is still a priority. What are the different requirements for protective measures for different places? What should I pay attention to when going out for medical treatment, taking public transportation, returning to work and returning to school? What protective equipment do I need to prepare?


Yu Fei Design At 18:00 on June 7th, in the seventh lecture of the "Public Health Talks" series, Ding Yuan, deputy director of the Shanghai Health Promotion Center, talked about how to scientifically and effectively do personal protection. Ding Yuan said that at present, Shanghai has fully restored the order of production and life, and public transportation and the flow of people will continue to increase. This reminds citizens that they should also do personal protection while going out, adhere to the "three-piece set" of epidemic prevention, keep in mind the "five requirements" for protection, and wear invisible protective clothing at the lowest cost.

Ding Yuan specifically pointed out that the main way of transmission of the new coronavirus is the transmission of respiratory droplets. Standardized wearing of masks can help us effectively block the transmission of the virus. When wearing masks, be sure to cover the mouth and nose. In addition, it is also very important to maintain social distance, do not gather, do not gather, and avoid going to crowded places.

Ding Yuan also said that contact with items contaminated by the new coronavirus may also cause people to be infected, such as doorknobs, elevator buttons or express delivery, etc. Therefore, it is very important to wash your hands frequently. If you have not thoroughly cleaned your hands, do not touch yourself with your hands At the same time, wash hands with soap or hand sanitizer plus running water. According to the seven-step hand washing method, rub thoroughly for more than 20 seconds, so as to thoroughly clean our hands.

Ding Yuan also mentioned that there may be the possibility of virus aerosol transmission in a relatively closed environment, which suggests that we must continue to open windows for ventilation. Above ventilation.

What should I pay attention to if I go out for medical treatment? Ding Yuan introduced that in order to avoid excessive crowds in hospitals and increase the risk of virus transmission, citizens can use Internet hospitals as much as possible for follow-up visits, prescribing medicines, and health consultation. If there is a need for offline medical treatment, in addition to basic personal protection, you should also pay attention to several aspects: First, choose a hospital that you are relatively familiar with as close as possible, make an appointment, and visit a doctor at off-peak hours; second, choose a relatively well-ventilated hospital The third is to take the stairs as much as possible and take less van elevators; the fourth is to reduce the contact with public items, and to disinfect the hands as soon as possible after touching them; the fifth is to pay for non-contact methods; the sixth is to change the mask in time after leaving the hospital If you have a fever, you should go to the nearest fever clinic immediately and avoid taking public transportation.

What do I need to prepare for those returning to work? Ding Yuan introduced that after returning to work and school, each person can prepare a special bag for epidemic prevention, and put some masks, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towels and other necessary anti-epidemic items. Always remember to wear masks properly, maintain social distance, do not gather, do not get together, and strengthen self-health monitoring.

"For students, don't take off their masks to eat on the roadside on the way home, and try to avoid close contact with classmates outside the class as much as possible, and wear masks during class, but it is not recommended to wear masks in physical education classes. If it is damp or damaged, it should be replaced in time, and the cumulative wearing time of each mask should not exceed 8 hours." Ding Yuan suggested.

For corporate employees, Ding Yuan suggested that as long as it is a non-independent office area, everyone should wear a mask, and at the same time, do a good job of self-health testing, do not go to work with illness, and report to the unit immediately if they have a fever, cough, etc. The office should also be well ventilated. Even if the air conditioner is turned on, remember to open the windows every day for ventilation. For some public items such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, fax machines, operating desks or computer keyboards, disinfectant wipes can be used to wipe and disinfect areas that are frequently touched by hands. Also, try to avoid drinking coffee and chatting together in common areas as much as possible. If you go to the cafeteria to eat, try to eat at off-peak hours, keep a certain distance from people when picking up meals, wear a mask after eating, and leave as soon as possible.

Some citizens are concerned about "Do you need to wear N95 masks when you go out? In this regard, Ding Yuan said that in general, you only need to wear medical surgical masks or disposable medical masks when you are outdoors. If you need to stay in indoor environments such as hospitals and shopping malls for a long time, , or need to be in close contact with others, it is recommended to choose non-valve particulate protective masks, such as N95, KN95, etc. She does not recommend wearing masks that cannot provide protection, such as sunscreen masks and fabric masks.

"With the arrival of summer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Wearing a mask will indeed make us feel stuffy, but in order to protect us, we still have to wear it properly, cover our mouth and nose, and don't touch the outer surface of the mask with our hands. Take off the mask. Remember to wash your hands immediately." Ding Yuan emphasized that if you are doing strenuous exercise outdoors, she advises everyone not to wear a mask, because it will increase the burden on the heart and lungs, but do strenuous exercise without wearing a mask, and choose an open environment with few people. At the same time, avoid exercising too much at once, and do it gradually and according to your ability.

What should I be aware of when using public transport? Ding Yuan said that when taking public transportation, in addition to wearing masks during the whole process, you should also touch public facilities as little as possible, and wash your hands and disinfect as soon as possible after arriving at the destination. Before using the shared bicycle, you can wipe and disinfect the handlebars, brakes, and bells with disinfectant wipes. Don't forget to sanitize your hands after the ride.

Ding Yuan suggested that citizens should not wear protective clothing to take public transportation. "Protective clothing is used for nucleic acid testing, transfer of new crown cases, entry and exit of contaminated areas at isolation points, etc. There are a set of strict rules for putting on and taking off, and citizens have not undergone professional training. , Wearing protective clothing is of little significance, and it will also cause the body to feel sultry and uncomfortable. It is more important to improve protection awareness than to upgrade protective equipment."


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