Aid Shanghai to fight the epidemic, write "the most beautiful look of youth"-KYD Mask machine
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Aid Shanghai to fight the epidemic, write "the most beautiful look of youth"

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On June 6, Hu Junyu and Shen Ge, who participated in the second batch of nucleic acid testing teams aided by Hunan Province, ended 7 days of centralized medical isolation and 7 days of home health monitoring, and returned to their jobs, "recalling more than half a month. Although the experience of helping Shanghai to fight the epidemic is tiring, I have a sense of achievement in my heart."


(On May 2, Hu Junyu and Shen Ge from the Loudi Center for Disease Control and Prevention rushed to Shanghai with the second batch of Hunan Provincial Nucleic Acid Testing Team Aid to Shanghai Loudi Team)

Hu Junyu and Shen Ge are the deputy directors of the Health Laboratory and Quality Control Management Department of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020, they adhered to the front line of anti-epidemic and made positive contributions to the city's anti-epidemic.

"Xiang and Shanghai" depend on each other and fight the epidemic together. "Go wherever you need it." After the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai, various places rushed to help. The city sent a team of 22 people to help. Hu Junyu and Shen Ge, who have rich anti-epidemic experience, signed up for the expedition.

On May 2, Hu Junyu and Shen Ge rushed to Shanghai with the Loudi team of the second batch of nucleic acid testing teams aided by Hunan Province, and made every effort to keep "Shanghai" safe.

Arrived in Shanghai, it was late at night. "I remember the day I first arrived in Shanghai, the road from the airport to the hotel was empty, and the bustling big city hit the pause button." Hu Junyu said.

Time is tight and tasks are heavy. After a short rest, on the second day, Hu Junyu, Shen Ge and the team members entered the Ruiyi Laboratory in Minhang District, Shanghai, to conduct intensive training and assessment on biosafety and familiarize themselves with the working environment and procedures. On the 4th, nucleic acid testing officially began.


(Welcome to Triumph, the anti-epidemic experts in Shanghai)

Race against time against time. "Our laboratory is divided into three areas, namely the reagent configuration area (area 1), the sample preparation area (area 2) and the amplification area (area 3). Area 1 is responsible for the preparation of all amplification and extraction reagents, which will be prepared The reagents are delivered to the second area B warehouse through the transfer window. The team members of the second area A, B and C3 warehouses work together to complete the addition, extraction and spotting of all nucleic acid samples that need to be tested. The good RNA template is sent to the third area for PCR amplification, and the results are analyzed and reported, and a preliminary screening report is finally formed." Hu Junyu said that her and Shen Ge's task is to be in the sample preparation area, responsible for the spotting after the nucleic acid extraction is completed. Work.

The spotting work requires special care. A little carelessness will lead to abnormal results, and the entire experiment needs to be repeated. Sitting in front of the biosafety cabinet for six or seven hours is the norm for the two of them to work. Their fingers are red, swollen and purple due to repeated inhalation of the sample gun.

They also actively participated in the work of adding samples and sealing film during the sampling work. The team members cooperated tacitly and helped each other. After completing the testing task, they sacrificed their rest time and took the initiative to undertake the daily nucleic acid sampling and code scanning of team members, drivers and hotel staff.

"Sister Liao Qingdong came out with a stomachache and vomited twice, and continued to fight after a short break; as soon as Mr. Ren Biqiong put down his luggage, he visited various laboratories non-stop; Mr. Zhu Guoxiang went on 5 expeditions to support the fight against the epidemic... The team returned to the hotel after the experiment. After that, the whole body was covered with plaster, but no one complained and flinched, they are all role models for us to learn from." Hu Junyu told reporters.

"10,000 samples have been ordered, everyone continue to work hard!" "Warehouse A and warehouse B, the remaining samples are counted, and we have divided the three warehouses together." "There are 20 boards left, everyone, come on, and strive to finish in 2 hours." "The last 5 boards are sampled, and victory is ahead!"... On May 11, the 10-hour nucleic acid detection throughput of 22 people from the Loudi team was 33,389 tubes, creating an admirable record.

Hu Junyu said that in just 12 days, the second batch of nucleic acid testing teams from Hunan Province completed the testing of more than 1.6 million nucleic acid samples. The Shanghai Ruiyi Laboratory, where the Loudi team and the Yueyang team are located, has completed the detection task of more than 270,000 tubes with only 6 biological safety cabinets, 12 extractors, and no automatic spotting device and automatic liquid dispensing system. From testing 17,000 to 33,397 in a single day, the quantity has leaped and the quality is more assured. The second batch of nucleic acid testing teams in Hunan Province have exchanged their practical actions for respect and praise.

Struggle is the most beautiful appearance of youth. Hu Junyu, Shen Ge and all the members of the nucleic acid testing team in Hunan aided Shanghai together, used their actions and dedication to interpret the sincere feelings of a son and daughter of Hunan, and handed over a perfect answer sheet for the aid to Shanghai to fight the epidemic. (All media reporters from Loudi Daily, Lu Zehua, He Weitao, correspondents, Liu Guiping)


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