75 days of continuous fighting, all 107 patients with new coronary pneumonia admitted to Jinzhou recovered and discharged-KYD Mask machine
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75 days of continuous fighting, all 107 patients with new coronary pneumonia admitted to Jinzhou recovered and discharged

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Central Radio, Jinzhou, April 26 news At 12:30 on April 23, Jinzhou Infectious Diseases Hospital and Liaoning Provincial New Coronary Pneumonia Concentrated Treatment Jinzhou Center (hereinafter referred to as "Jinzhou Center") The last patient with new coronary pneumonia in Huludao was discharged from the hospital. Standard, successfully cured and discharged, and transferred back to the territory to continue health monitoring and medical observation. So far, all 107 Huludao confirmed patients with new coronary pneumonia admitted to the Jinzhou Center have been "cleared".


Efforts to treat confirmed patients

Strong support, concentrate the city's superior resources to improve the level of treatment

After receiving the order to treat patients in Huludao on February 8, the leaders of the Jinzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission rushed to the treatment center as soon as possible, deployed overnight preparations for receiving patients, and dispatched a special class for work coordination and guidance led by the deputy director in charge. Stationed in Jinzhou Center, strengthened the work ability of the center, concentrated the city's advantageous resources, set up 3 medical emergency support teams, 1 critical treatment emergency team, 10 obstetrics and gynecology emergency treatment teams and 10 psychological counseling expert teams to ensure that patients can get High level of rescue services.

Precise treatment to provide patients with high-quality medical services

From February 8 to March 1, Jinzhou Center received a total of 107 patients with new coronary pneumonia in Huludao in 27 batches, including 3 critical cases, 8 severe cases, 63 ordinary cases, and 33 mild cases. Among the patients, the oldest was 89 years old, the youngest was a 9-month-old baby, 16 patients were 60 to 70 years old, 9 patients were 70 to 80 years old, 2 patients were over 80 years old, 1 pregnant woman, 1 fractured patient, 2 people were paralyzed and 1 patient was with severe pancreatitis. In the face of such a complex patient situation, experts in the province took the initiative to support, and jointly build a high-quality medical team with the Jinzhou Center, strictly implement the classification and diagnosis and treatment of new coronary pneumonia, and adopt refined diagnosis and treatment, one person, one policy, and the combination of Chinese and Western medicine. Psychological intervention and other treatment methods, as well as advanced medical equipment, provide patients with high-quality medical services.

Stick to the rear, logistics support is always on call

Jinzhou Center has established a peripheral security subsystem and a living security subsystem, and has taken a number of measures to keep the bottom line of nosocomial infection prevention and control, so that Jinzhou Center has not had a single case of nosocomial infection. They keep an eye on the operation of the isolation wards, try their best to meet the work and living needs of front-line medical staff, do a good job in the procurement, distribution and storage of protective equipment, disinfection supplies, necessary medical equipment, and medicines, and raise the required materials as soon as possible. In place, and transported to the hands of medical staff as quickly as possible, so that medical staff can devote themselves to the work of epidemic treatment.

After 75 days of continuous fighting, the Jinzhou Center successfully treated all confirmed patients from Huludao, achieving "zero error, zero death, zero hospital feeling, and zero spillover".


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