Come to Iraq to hold a commendation and sharing conference for war epidemic protection and supply-KYD Mask machine
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Come to Iraq to hold a commendation and sharing conference for war epidemic protection and supply

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She lived in the store for more than 70 days, just to serve the neighbors in the surrounding community...

He hasn't been home since the beginning of March, and he is busy on the assembly line of the supply chain every day...

On June 14th, at the Commendation and Sharing Conference of Laiyifen War Epidemic Guarantee and Respect for Heroes, Laiyifen "War Epidemic Guarantee" representatives took the stage one after another. Shi Yonglei and Yu Ruifen, the two founders of Laiyifen, were The employees who fought at the forefront of anti-epidemic and guaranteed supply were awarded awards and awards. Chairman Shi Yonglei released a 12-character "anti-epidemic spirit" in Iraq on the spot.


Representative employees who came to Iraq to participate in the fight against the epidemic came to the stage to share

There are six chapters in the commendation and sharing conference, which are Escort, Walk for Love, Win in Supply Chain, Operational Hero, and Anti-epidemic Hero. Chairman Shi Yonglei and President Yu Ruifen took the stage to share in the final session.

At the beginning of the meeting, under the review of videos and photos, everyone's memories of this "war epidemic guarantee supply" became fresh again. With the progress of the conference, one after another "heroes of supply guarantee" came to the stage to share their stories. Among them, there were front-line operators who insisted on stationing in stores for more than 70 days to serve hundreds of surrounding communities, and young children at home. The supply chain personnel who entrusted the care to their parents and went to the warehouse to support them without hesitation, and the mother who entrusted Erbao to Dabao and insisted on working in the front line of the supply chain...

Yu Ruifen said that in the past few months, the company's 285 warehouse staff have closed-loop management for nearly 90 days, and the throughput of the warehouse in a single day has reached 355,396 boxes at most, and the total throughput from March to May is nearly 10 million boxes. Under the circumstance of limited logistics capacity, a total of 1.7 million boxes of distribution, community and government orders were fulfilled, and more than 360,000 shipments were completed by e-commerce. "The people who came to Yifen have fulfilled the task of ensuring supplies during the war against the epidemic with the belief that we will provide what the people of Shanghai need," she said.

At the meeting, Shi Yonglei released the anti-epidemic spirit of Lai Yifen - "Anti-epidemic has no boundaries, the virus is ruthless, and the world is affectionate". Behind the short 12 words contains Lai Yifen's sense of social responsibility and spiritual power as a Shanghai enterprise. The war epidemic supply guarantee operation once again proved the courage and responsibility of the people in Lai Yifen, and also proved that Lai Yifen is determined to become the most reliable partner that the people just need.

During this epidemic, Laiyifen has donated a total of 99,953 bags and 4,246kg of food to the Public Health Center, Fangcang, Fudan Pediatrics, Children's Hospital, Huashan Hospital, Nursing Homes, Hongqiao Railway Station, government departments, Pudong Women's Federation and other departments, donated supplies and The accumulated cash amount exceeded 1.34 million yuan, and 246 sets of guaranteed supply plans were launched. The total number of orders exceeded 2 million, and the cumulative guaranteed supply of materials reached 4,600 tons.


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