Are you wearing the right mask every day when you go out? 5 points to teach you to wear it correctly-KYD Mask machine
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Are you wearing the right mask every day when you go out? 5 points to teach you to wear it correctly

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The weather is getting hotter, don't you always want to take off your mask? Wearing masks scientifically is an effective way to stop the spread of the new coronavirus. For the health of yourself and others, don't relax when it's time to wear a mask! Don't think that as long as you wear a mask, everything will be fine! Proper use, storage, and cleaning of masks are key to maintaining their effectiveness. It is recommended that you choose disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks or above protective level masks, and abide by the following regulations:

1. Wear it correctly

Wear the mask correctly, ensure that the mask covers the mouth, nose and chin, and the nose clip should be compacted;

2. Masks should be replaced in time when they are dirty, deformed, damaged, or smelly, and the cumulative wearing time of each mask should not exceed 8 hours;

It is not recommended to reuse masks used on cross-regional public transportation or in hospitals and other environments;

3. Store properly

Masks that need to be reused should be hung in a clean, dry and ventilated place when not in use;

4. Summary of discomfort

 If you experience discomfort such as suffocation and shortness of breath while wearing a mask, you should immediately go to an open and ventilated place to remove the mask;

   5. Be prepared

 Carry spare masks when going out, and store them in the original packaging bag or clean storage bag to avoid extrusion and deformation. Discarded masks are classified as other garbage disposals; it is recommended that families keep a small amount of particulate protective masks and medical protective masks for use.

  Medical masks are mainly divided into three categories: disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks, and medical protective masks. In my country, medical masks are subject to registration management as a second-class medical device. As a medical device, the most basic standard is non-toxic and harmless. Remind everyone: buy masks through formal channels, and refuse to buy products that use no manufacturer or brand model.


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