Volunteers from Xiajiabian Community, Lihu Street, Binhu District, Wuxi City are on the front line to fight the epidemic-KYD Mask machine
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Volunteers from Xiajiabian Community, Lihu Street, Binhu District, Wuxi City are on the front line to fight the epidemic

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Busy and devoted figures, protective clothing with wet backs, enthusiastic and patient answers, every drop of sweat is the most moving footnote this summer. At 9 nucleic acid testing sites in Xiajiabian Community, Lihu Street, Binhu District, Wuxi City, volunteers responded to the call and rushed to the front line of the fight against the epidemic with an unrelenting fighting attitude.

Pioneer party members heard the order and actively fought to set an example

Before 6 a.m., Lu Yuchen, a volunteer from the Wuxi Federation of Industry and Commerce, had already made various preparations at the nucleic acid testing point and began to scan the code in advance for the residents who came to line up. He used to be responsible for oversampling volunteer work in the hut, but now he changed his post to scan the code outdoors, and he felt that the work of the code scanner was not easy, and he could not tolerate the slightest mistake. After putting on the blue protective clothing, it was sultry and unbearable, and he repeated the same action. , explaining the code scanning requirements to residents countless times. Facing the complaints of the residents who have been waiting for a long time, he has always been meticulous and serious, without any complaints.


Hua Jie, secretary of the party branch of Hubin One, has nearly 30 years of party experience, and she has always been on the front line of the fight against the epidemic. Many residents of the community who come to do nucleic acid will have a chat with Secretary Hua while queuing. Voices of concern, every sentence of entrustment, witnessing the sincere love of neighbors. Hua Jie also prepared a few parasols to provide convenience to the residents in need before and after the run, bringing comfort to the residents in the hot summer.

"Post-00s" invite Yingxian to take responsibility, and the young force has strength

In the current epidemic, young people are listed. Guan Jiaao, a volunteer from Jingliyuan Community, is 20 years old this year. He has participated in volunteer services in community youth activities for three consecutive years and is already an "old face" familiar to the residents. There are many elderly people in Jingliyuan. At the nucleic acid testing point, he turned into a door "inspector" and a "disciplinary" who maintained order, patiently guiding the elderly to strictly follow the "2-meter line" position, and helping the elderly to solve the problem of mobile phone scanning code. The question is, remind residents to wear masks, show their ID cards, and leave immediately after the test. The same words have to be repeated hundreds of times in the morning, but the voice is still full of enthusiasm.


Zhou Yueqi, also a post-00 college student in Hubin No. 1 Community, was on summer vacation. As soon as he heard the news about the community recruiting volunteers, he called the community and asked to participate in the volunteer service, saying, "You can do it wherever you need it. where to go". Although he assisted in scanning the code at the nucleic acid monitoring point, Xiao Zhou was still meticulous, carefully checking the color of the doorbell code, and giving feedback to the person in charge of the point in time. She said that whether it is sampling, testing, being on duty, or scanning QR codes, every small contribution will be condensed into a powerful force in the fight against the epidemic.

The grid of residents unites and builds a solid line of defense against the epidemic


Community grid members, members of the industry committee, building team leaders and enthusiastic resident volunteers are also "burning with passion" in their respective service positions. Young and middle-aged to the elderly, they will wear the red vests silently, and leave silently after the nucleic acid test. During their post, they are dedicated volunteers. After taking off the red vests, they are ordinary residents of the neighborhood. .

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the community grid members have been in a state of battle all the time. They must not only stick to organizing residents to do nucleic acid testing at the grid points, but also be on duty at the service window of the community hall, make statistics and report information in a timely manner every day, and strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control policies, so as to appease the residents' emotions and solve their urgent problems. What to look forward to... They firmly believe that as long as they work together, they will be able to overcome the epidemic. (Xu Meien)


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