Lanzhou's business system actively carries out epidemic prevention and supply guarantee work, and supplies of daily necessities are sufficient-KYD Mask machine
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Lanzhou's business system actively carries out epidemic prevention and supply guarantee work, and supplies of daily necessities are sufficient

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Original title: Lanzhou's business system actively carries out epidemic prevention and supply guarantee work, and there is sufficient supply of daily necessities

On July 10, Lanzhou City announced the "Notice on Implementing One-Week Temporary Control Measures in the City's Public Places". Immediately, the commerce department conducted investigations and arrangements for the supply guarantee work of the city's supermarkets and standardized vegetable markets. According to reports, the city is currently in sufficient supply of daily necessities, with a complete variety of rice, flour, grain, oil, vegetables and fruits.


"We immediately arranged for the person in charge of the business system in the main urban area to make work arrangements by phone, WeChat, etc., requiring the business system of each county and district to pay attention to the supply of daily necessities in the area in real time, and notify the person in charge of the major supermarkets in the area. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce told reporters that in addition, supermarkets and standardized vegetable markets are required to strengthen on-site management, prevent shelf breaks, and connect with supply organizations to replenish goods in time. "After the "Notice" was issued, we contacted the heads of standardized vegetable markets and supermarkets in our jurisdiction, and asked them to attach great importance to related work such as cargo storage." Ma Xingguo, director of the Commerce Bureau of Chengguan District, told reporters. After investigation and arrangement, it is required to standardize vegetable markets and supermarkets in the jurisdiction to ensure sufficient goods. Once there is a shortage of goods, replenish the goods in time; dispatch additional personnel and arrange special personnel to maintain the order of on-site shopping, and avoid gathering and shopping together. ; Do a good job in policy publicity and interpretation, and inform consumers that supermarkets and vegetable markets are operating normally as units for people's livelihood protection. "In the event of an emergency, we require that the standardized vegetable market and supermarkets report to the commerce, market supervision and district streets in a timely manner, and do a good job in emergency response." Ma Xingguo said.


According to reports, the first task force of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce quickly organized the epidemic prevention and control of the city's commercial and trade circulation industry, and ensured supply enterprises. The shopping mall supermarket, standardized vegetable market, and logistics express supervision team of Chengguan District Commerce Bureau have conducted the supervision of the Asia-Europe supermarket, New World supermarket, Zhangye Road vegetable market, Yuzhong Street vegetable market, Zhongjiezi vegetable market, Wuquan vegetable market, and Donggang Logistics. 20 key personnel-intensive places such as industrial parks and postal couriers will conduct epidemic prevention and control inspections. Arrange special personnel to conduct on-site inspections of key supply guarantee enterprises in terms of "one scan and three inspections", nucleic acid testing of all employees, site sterilization, safety production, etc. Ensure that all measures are in place. Due to the presence of epidemic situation in Dongou World Trade Plaza, Guofang Supermarket Store, Zhongjiezi Market, and Yuzhong Street Vegetable Market, business is suspended, and work such as site disinfection and surface sampling will be carried out. open for business.


The Commerce Bureau of Chengguan District provides 12 categories of daily necessities (rice, noodles, oil, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables) to 40 key enterprises in the district (18 large chain supermarkets, 16 standardized vegetable markets, and 6 agricultural product wholesale markets). , instant noodles, ham, biscuits, bread, bottled water) for daily monitoring, so far, the region has sufficient supplies of daily necessities, stable prices, orderly operation, and normal supply. In addition, as of 24:00 on July 9, relying on the central kitchen enterprise, Chengguan District distributed meals to the quarantined hotels in the area on the same day, ensuring the normal life of the quarantined people and staff.


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