On the front line of the war against the epidemic, the "Cloud Pioneer, Neighbors Gathering" community party members' normalized service brand-KYD Mask machine
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On the front line of the war against the epidemic, the "Cloud Pioneer, Neighbors Gathering" community party members' normalized service brand

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Focusing on grassroots governance and aiming at the needs of the masses, Yunlong District, Xuzhou City recently released the "Cloud Pioneer Neighbors Gathering" community party member normalization service brand, showing a new image of the district's party building brand and opening a new journey for party members to normalize service to the community. Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, party members at all levels and various types have actively responded to the call of the district committee, reported to the community location as soon as possible, charged forward in the fight against the epidemic, took responsibility for their actions, and interpreted "party building leading 'neighborhood together'" with practical actions , serve the residents' 'zero distance'" brand purpose.

The "epidemic" moves forward, and the red fortress builds a front line

A party member is a banner, and a branch is a fortress. In the face of the arduous test of the superposition of the epidemic and the extreme heat, for the safety of the people, the Party Branch of the Party Member Volunteer Action organized by the Party Working Committee of Hanfeng Street acted upon the order and set off again; in the community epidemic prevention volunteer groups, the registration information kept flashing, "I'm a party member of an agency. I'm registering now to apply for epidemic prevention and control work!" "I'm the secretary of the party branch of an enterprise, and our branch is always ready to be dispatched!"... Each street community makes full use of the volunteer power of party members to serve the community on a regular basis, combined with the party branches , the characteristics of party members in various industries, match in-service party members with the tasks of each link of epidemic prevention and control, give full play to the advantages of the red fortress, and build a solid epidemic prevention front.


Party member volunteers help residents to open the Sukang code

In the battle against the "epidemic", I am responsible for the "baking" experience

The sun is scorching hot, and the heat is unbearable. At the center square of the talent home of Diemeng Community, Hanfeng Street, nucleic acid testing of all staff is being carried out in an orderly manner. Under the scorching sun of 34 degrees, wearing a full set of protective clothing, within a few minutes, the face screen was covered with steam. When the 2-hour information collection work was completed, the sweat had already soaked through the back of the clothes. This is a glimpse of Shang Weidong, the fourth-level chief staff member of the Fund Supervision Office of the Xuzhou Medical Security Bureau, working at the nucleic acid sampling site of Diemeng Community. There are many other party members and volunteers like him. Volunteers actively participate in community governance services such as the creation of civilized cities and the investigation of potential safety hazards. The vanguard and exemplary role shines in the vivid practice of serving the masses.


Party member volunteers enter information under high temperature

"Epidemic" is inevitable, please rest assured

Wherever there is a need, party members will show up; wherever the most important, party members will stand up; wherever there is difficulty, there will be a loud and eloquent response.

"Protecting the family and defending the country is the duty of a soldier, and serving the masses is the mission of a party member. Now that the organization has a call and the masses need it, it is my duty." When there is an epidemic in Xuzhou, report to the community as soon as possible. He is a "brick" in the future city community of Hanfeng Street. He organizes materials, collects information, and kills... Wherever there is a missing item, he will fill in the place to ensure the smooth process of the link and the orderly and efficient sampling of residents.

The party committee of the Xincheng business district of Hanfeng Street also responded positively. The two new party organizations rushed to the front line of the war against the epidemic. The two new organizations, including Xuzhou Xinfa Accounting Service Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Hongke Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd., participated in the community epidemic prevention and control work, providing More than 100 people volunteered for service and actively assumed corporate social responsibility.


Party member volunteers carry out disinfection work

At the forefront of epidemic prevention and control in 9 communities in Hanfeng Street, more than a thousand party members burned themselves like sparks, emitting light and heat to dispel the haze of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. In the future, they will also continue to practice their original mission, continue to polish the "Cloud Pioneer Neighbor Juli" community party member's normal service brand, do practical things for the masses, contribute to development, and inject more pioneering and exemplary power into community governance. (Yuan Longxu)


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