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Working together to ensure supplies, they have been on the front line of the fight against the epidemic

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Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, August 17 (Reporter Huang Xiao) Zhejiang Yiwu, known as the "world supermarket", is currently experiencing a battle against the epidemic. Will the supply chain of the Yiwu market be affected? How is the livelihood security provided? Reporters launched an investigation.

The reporter learned that before the implementation of global silent management in Yiwu, some enterprises have transferred goods to Jinhua Transshipment Center for delivery, and cross-border e-commerce and logistics enterprises have taken measures in advance to dispatch resources. According to the relevant person in charge of AliExpress, for the merchants who originally used the Yiwu cross-border distribution center, if the warehouse is not in the silent area, they can be redirected to the Hangzhou distribution center. Merchants can remark the words "cross-warehouse assistance" on the package to ensure that the package is processed quickly.

The relevant person in charge of the Yiwu Postal Administration said that at present, major express delivery companies have sent 2.2 million express parcels stranded in the early stage out of Yiwu and sent to the whole country.

A businessman in the clothing industry admitted that August and September are the peak seasons for autumn clothing sales. At present, the factory has suspended production due to the epidemic, but the overall situation is improving. Adjustments will be made according to changes in epidemic prevention policies and production will be resumed in time.

As the main production and sales place of Christmas supplies in the world, Yiwu is currently in the period of exporting Christmas commodities. "Before the end of July, about 80% of the products have been shipped." Cai Qinliang, secretary-general of Yiwu Christmas Products Industry Association, said that due to the instability of international logistics and fluctuations in shipping costs, overseas buyers generally placed orders in advance this year and shipped them. The peak period has been advanced from the original third quarter to the second quarter. At present, enterprises mainly produce additional tail orders.

In the production workshop of Yiwu Jingao Solar Technology Co., Ltd., automated production lines and industrial robots are busy running; outside the workshop, large trucks are being loaded and containers are about to cross the ocean. The person in charge of the company said that since the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic in Yiwu, in order to prevent the flow of people from causing the risk of epidemic transmission, the company has implemented closure and control management. At present, there are more than 4,500 employees on the job. The company is focusing on epidemic prevention and production, and its production capacity has not been affected by the epidemic.

According to the requirements of epidemic prevention, Yiwu City formulated and issued the "Opinions on the Implementation of Closed Production Management in Key Industrial Enterprises". At present, a total of 214 enterprises have closed-loop management and non-stop production. According to Zhu Jindi, director of the Yiwu Economic and Information Bureau, it is mainly provincial and municipal "whitelist" enterprises, "four guarantees" (guaranteeing the supply of epidemic prevention materials, ensuring special processes, ensuring safe production, and ensuring major people's livelihood) enterprises and other industrial chain supply chains. key enterprises.

Yiwu City also dispatched 214 government staff to serve as waiters in the enterprise, established a "enterprise code" daily reporting mechanism, actively coordinated and solved the production and operation problems of the enterprise, maintained the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain, and urged the enterprise to stop production, continuous chain, and order. reduce.

Under the epidemic situation, the protection of civilian materials will test the local level of prevention and control. Yang Zhonghong, director of the Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that since the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, market inventory and price monitoring have been started immediately, procurement channels have been smoothed, and supply guarantee methods have been optimized to ensure that the city's material supply chain is stable and controllable.

In order to seize the speed of supply guarantee, the three-level supply guarantee classes in Zhejiang Province, Jinhua City, and Yiwu City accelerated the financing of materials, and simultaneously started the application for the white list of vehicles to ensure that the materials were shipped out as soon as possible. In terms of improving the efficiency of connection and distribution, townships (streets) reasonably set up connection points for guaranteed supply of materials according to the distribution of residents, and gave full play to the professional advantages of couriers to participate in loading and unloading.


The courier brother assists in the sorting of materials in various communities in Yiwu. (Photo provided by the interviewee)

Zhang Fan, head of on-site operation of Yiwu Zhongtong Express Co., Ltd., said, "The personnel of our operation department have undergone professional sorting and loading and unloading training, and the guarantee and sorting are very fast and efficient."

Many Yiwu citizens also uploaded the "unpacking video" of the material package on social platforms. "I would like to show my family members out of town that we have government guarantees and support from our brother counties and cities. We have enough supplies at home, so they don't have to worry." said Ms. Zhang, who lives in Duqing Community, Fotang Town, Yiwu City.

In addition to the unified distribution of basic daily necessities, for some personalized urgent needs such as medicines, relevant departments have unblocked assistance channels, and citizens can submit their needs through the "Love Yiwu Gangbang Group · War Epidemic Help" platform. In addition, the community has also released the contact information of the community supply guarantee point to support citizens to contact the merchants to purchase by telephone, and the relevant personnel in the community will deliver them to their homes without contact.

In the face of the epidemic, foreigners who have lived and worked in Yiwu for a long time did not regard themselves as outsiders, but actively participated in the front line of anti-epidemic and guaranteed supply, and did their best to protect the "second home".

Nearly 2,000 foreigners from 74 countries and regions live in Jimingshan Community, Jiangdong Street, Yiwu City. Samer, who is from Lebanon and is doing foreign trade business in Yiwu, has been volunteering in the community since August 7, responsible for material distribution. In order to make the material package reach each family as soon as possible, he is often busy from day to night.

"I don't think it's hard work. Someone must do these things." He said, whether foreigners or Chinese, everyone is a family in Yiwu, and working together will definitely tide over the difficulties.


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