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Hainan's first-line anti-epidemic experience: Do everything possible to secure the grassroots gate

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Xinhua News Agency, Sanya, August 18 (Reporter Liu Changlin and Chen Kaizi) Since the outbreak of the epidemic, many grass-roots staff and volunteers in Hainan's anti-epidemic front line have stepped forward and fought day and night to build a line of defense against the "epidemic". Netizens praised it in succession, "All people participate in epidemic prevention and control, 'every one of you is amazing'".

"The old man needs medicine", "There is not enough manpower", "The vehicle needs to be coordinated"... After sitting down for a few minutes, Chen Zeai, director of the Zhuoda Community Neighborhood Committee in Jiyang District, Sanya City, received several calls. "Although I can't sleep for less than 4 hours a day, community cadres have to cheer up as soon as there is a situation." Chen Ze'ai said, "In order to defeat the epidemic, our grassroots gate must be well and firmly secured!"

It has been 11 days since she arrived in Danzhou City, Hainan. Shi Hongmei, a member of the Shandong Provincial Aid Qiong Medical Team, is in charge of nucleic acid sampling. The task seemed simple, but under the high temperature, it didn't take long for her hands to be soaked in sweat and white wrinkles appeared. Once during a video call with his 5-year-old daughter, the child saw Shi Hongmei's "unkempt" image and couldn't help but blurt out: "I will become a superman just like my mother when I grow up."

"We have never been heroes, this is the duty of medical workers." Chen Zeping, who is also a nurse with Shi Hongmei, is only in his early 30s and has 12 years of nursing experience. This male nurse from the First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College was admitted to a makeshift hospital in Wuhan in 2020. This time, he entered the hotel square cabin in Sanya again. "Most of the people who came with me have the experience of assisting Hubei and Shanghai, and they are veterans who have been on the battlefield for a long time," he said.


Volunteers deliver medical supplies. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Li Duojiang)

In the front line of the fight against the epidemic, there are still many volunteers with little experience but high enthusiasm and willingness to work hard. In Zhongshan Street, Longhua District, Haikou City, Lin Qiongyu, who had just retired for a few days, and his family signed up for duty at the nucleic acid sampling site; Luo Shaorong, a teacher who returned from summer vacation in Liguo Town, Ledong Li Autonomous County, became an information collector; in Jiyang District, Sanya In Gangou Village, Ian, a British guy, checks everyone's health code one by one... This volunteer team of more than 10,000 people is active in various positions in the fight against the virus.

For the majority of public security officers, the epidemic is the police situation. Liang Haojie, a policeman from the Tengqiao Police Station of the Haitang Branch of the Sanya Public Security Bureau, took his 6-year-old daughter to the police station because his wife Zhang Qiaofang, who works in the Sanya Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, invited her to join the front line and no one took care of her 6-year-old daughter. "We have different uniforms but the same responsibilities. When the epidemic comes, our husband and wife will go together!"


Liang Haojie took his daughter to a video call with his wife. (Photo courtesy of Sanya Police)


On August 14, Zhang Haiyang (right) and Wu Fanli had lunch in a truck. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Cheng

"After eating, let's deliver the food!". "Post-00" couple Zhang Haiyang and Wu Fanli finished their instant noodles early, then drove a small truck to a distribution point for daily necessities in Jiyang District, Sanya City, ready to deliver vegetables to residential communities.

The epidemic is not over yet. The streets, alleys, urban and rural areas of Hainan, as well as grassroots and front-line staff and volunteers are still busy.

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