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New Science of Epidemic Prevention | How to choose the right mask for different occasions?

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In daily life, people should choose appropriate masks according to their personal circumstances, and should neither be careless nor blindly pursue masks whose protection level obviously exceeds their own needs.

Choose different masks for different occasions


Wu Huanyu, deputy director of the Shanghai Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that wearing a mask is an effective way to block the spread of respiratory droplets. It should be noted that wearing masks should be standardized when going out, especially when the weather is gradually getting hotter, it should be noted that when wearing a mask, it is necessary to completely cover the mouth and nose, and wear a mask throughout the process.

When going out, you can choose suitable masks according to different situations:

In outdoor places such as parks, disposable medical surgical masks can be worn.

In indoor places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, etc., particulate protective masks, that is, KN95 or N95 masks, can be worn.

When going to the hospital for medical treatment, it is recommended to wear a KN95 or N95 or above particulate protective mask or medical protective mask.

It should be noted that do not choose fabric masks, such as silk or various cloth masks. Although they look good, they cannot achieve the protective effect.

During wearing, the greatest risk of contamination is the outer surface of the mask. When detaching, pull or untie the strap to remove, and avoid grasping the outer surface of the mask by hand. The action of taking off the mask should be gentle, to avoid the mask from shaking violently in the mouth and nose, and reduce the risk of dispersal and inhalation of pollutants on the outer surface of the mask. After taking off the mask, remember to do good hand hygiene, prefer running water, scrub according to the seven-step handwashing method, or use a hand sanitizer to dry your hands according to the seven-step handwashing method.

One of the main drafters of the "Civil Sanitary Mask" group standard, Professor Jin Xiangyu from the Textile School of Donghua University, introduced that common masks mainly include medical surgical masks, disposable medical masks, KN95 masks, N95 masks, FFP2 masks, etc., corresponding to different technologies standard.

Disposable medical masks:

Disposable medical masks should comply with the Chinese pharmaceutical industry standard "YY/T0969 Disposable Medical Masks", with bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) ≥95%. The mask should have a protective effect, and it should not make the user feel too stuffy or even difficult to breathe after wearing it. Therefore, a single-use medical mask also needs to be tested for ventilation resistance, and the ventilation resistance should not be greater than 49Pa/c㎡.

Medical surgical masks:

Medical surgical masks should comply with the Chinese pharmaceutical industry standard "YY0469 Medical Surgical Masks". Similar to disposable medical masks, the bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of medical surgical masks is ≥95%, and the pressure difference between the two sides (equivalent to ventilation resistance) is not greater than 49Pa/c㎡. However, such masks must meet two other standards, one is particle filtration efficiency (PFE) ≥ 30% (non-oily particles), and the other is to pass the synthetic blood penetration test (2mL synthetic blood 16.0kPa, the inner side is impermeable), namely Check whether the mask can be penetrated by blood splashes, droplets from sneezing, etc.

KN95 masks:

According to my country's national standard "GB2626 Respiratory Protective Equipment Self-priming Filtering Anti-Particulate Respirator", the filter elements of filtering respiratory protective equipment can be divided into KN type and KP type according to the filtering performance. For microorganisms, just look for KN, and the number "95" refers to the level of filtration efficiency. KN masks only test the efficiency of particle filtration, and have not tested synthetic blood penetration, surface moisture resistance and other indicators. Therefore, this type of masks can block viruses when used for a short time, but cannot be used for contact with patients who may have splashes or prolonged contact patient.

N95 masks and FFP masks:

In addition to various masks that meet Chinese standards, N95 masks are often seen in the public eye, which are masks that meet American standards. Medical protective masks in China are a type of N95 masks, but not all N95 masks are medical protective masks. There is also an FFP series mask, which conforms to the European standard EN149. Take the FFP2 mask as an example, it can filter 94% of non-oily particles. If N95 masks and FFP2 masks are not tested for synthetic blood penetration and surface moisture resistance, the scope of use is the same as that of KN95. (Source: Shanghai Science Editor Yang Yining)


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