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Everyone is the first responsible person for their own health

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In the face of the repeatedly delayed COVID-19, the Chinese people fought with one heart against the epidemic. From medical staff and community workers working on the front line, to truck drivers and delivery boys who continue to ensure people's livelihood, to consciously wear masks and take the initiative to detect nucleic acids, every move has become a thread in the fabric of the epidemic prevention network.

After the prevalence of the variant strain of Omicron, the epidemic level of many countries and regions in the world has suddenly risen in a short time. In China, it is precisely because we have a strong defense line of solidarity and unity that we have taken a series of group prevention and group control interventions. The originally steep epidemic curve tends to flatten, effectively avoiding the run on medical resources, and making China the country with the lowest incidence rate of COVID-19 and the lowest number of deaths among major countries in the world.

The current epidemic prevention and control is faced with a serious and complex situation. Any hesitation or vacillation will miss the first opportunity for epidemic prevention and control, greatly increase the difficulty of prevention and control in the later stage, and magnify the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development.

Our country has a huge population. Once the virus spreads throughout the country, the consequences will be very serious. The anti epidemic achievements that have been achieved will also be greatly reduced, or even lost. There are no outsiders in the fight against the epidemic and no bystanders in the prevention and control work. At present, it is more necessary for everyone to understand, tolerate, participate and take action, shoulder the responsibility of protecting their own health, the health of their families and the health of the group, and take resolute and decisive actions to win the war of epidemic eradication as soon as possible.

Epidemic prevention and control is a systematic project, and returning to normality is our common wish. Keep a safe social distance, and wear masks in public. People in high-risk areas slow down their travel. Elderly people who meet the vaccination conditions should let go of their worries and accept everything... If everyone is more careful, more understanding and cooperation, the epidemic prevention and control will be less risky and less stressful.

No winter is insurmountable, and no spring will not come. The prevention and control of the epidemic can not be separated from the joint efforts of government departments and all sectors of society, but also requires the support and participation of everyone. Observing the basic rules of epidemic prevention and being the first responsible person for one's own health is not only responsible for one's own life and health, but also a strong support for the overall situation of epidemic prevention.

Gather a strong joint force to fight the epidemic and contribute to its trickle down efforts. With firm confidence and concerted efforts, we will eventually win the fight against the epidemic.


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