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Implement details and gather strong joint forces to fight the epidemic

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At 19:02 on November 16, a loud baby cry came from the negative pressure operating room of an affiliated hospital of Harbin Medical University. Although the mother of the baby was a COVID-19 positive person, with the cooperation of all parties, the baby was born safely and smoothly.

In view of the difficulty of medical treatment for "red code" and "yellow code" personnel, Harbin, Hohhot, Taiyuan and other places set up special "red code" and "yellow code" treatment hospitals according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control, so as to effectively protect the health rights and interests of the people and meet the medical needs of relevant patients during the epidemic.


Influenced by virus variation and winter climate factors, the spread scope and scale of the epidemic are likely to further expand, and the prevention and control situation is still grim. At present, whether out of prudence in virus mutation or based on the basic national conditions of a country with a population of more than 1.4 billion, the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures in China must take the steps of making progress while maintaining stability and taking small steps without stopping. We must never let go and "lie flat".


Epidemic prevention and control is an arduous and arduous task. We should unswervingly adhere to the people first and life first, the general strategy of "external prevention input, internal prevention rebound", and the general policy of "dynamic reset". This is a clear requirement for the epidemic prevention and control work of our country put forward by the CPC Central Committee when it scientifically studies and judges the domestic and international epidemic situation.


At present, the key is to implement all optimization measures to the letter. We should not only fight the epidemic quickly and concentrate on fighting it out in key areas, but also make every effort to ensure the production and living services of the masses, solve some practical difficulties that the masses strongly reflect, and make the epidemic prevention and control work less "intestinal obstruction" and more "softener".

From the practice of implementing the 20 optimization measures in various regions and departments, the special class for dealing with the problem of "layer by layer overweight" has played a leading role, and complaint platforms and hotlines have also been set up in many regions and departments to promote the timely solution of the people's urgent needs, guide all aspects to further improve the scientificity and accuracy of epidemic prevention and control, and alleviate some "bottleneck" problems encountered in epidemic disposal, The masses feel new changes and temperatures.

However, some netizens reported that the delineation of some risk areas was not clear enough, some information about temporary containment was not timely enough, some residents' management and security could not fully follow up, and some nucleic acid detection points had long queues... We still had some stubborn and recurrent problems while paying close attention to the work of epidemic prevention and control.

The key to reducing "intestinal obstruction" is to improve the mechanism of rapid response and problem solving. Completely, accurately and comprehensively implement the decisions and arrangements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. All local departments should accurately grasp the essence and essence, strengthen guidance on optimization and adjustment in this field, improve supporting policies, and urge the implementation of various measures. At the same time, improve the effectiveness of epidemic prevention, and take more accurate measures in isolation and transportation, nucleic acid detection, personnel mobility, medical services, vaccination, service guarantee enterprises and campus and other aspects of epidemic prevention and control, and evacuation of stranded personnel.

In epidemic areas, medical institutions should do a scientific and accurate job of epidemic prevention and control, and should not "close" or "seal" medical institutions with epidemic risk on the grounds of epidemic prevention and control. For medical institutions and relevant departments with risks that really need to be sealed and controlled, it is necessary to strengthen the emergency response mechanism, carry out environmental disinfection and sterilization, risk screening and other work in a timely manner, eliminate the risk of infection as quickly as possible, and achieve quick sealing and quick release.

The key to adding more "softeners" is to adhere to the people centred development philosophy. The twenty optimization measures mentioned that high-risk areas are generally divided into units and buildings, and the tight connection is no longer determined. In the face of these new standards and new requirements, we should effectively enhance the pertinence of our work. In the face of the "micro blocking points" of grass-roots prevention and control reported by some people, we should effectively promote the flat command of epidemic prevention and control, unblock the green channel of "feedback solution", open up the "last mile" of the supply and distribution of living materials, solve the actual difficulties of the people to the greatest extent, and try our best to maintain the normal production order.

Maintaining the hard won results of epidemic resistance tests both ability and endurance. Fully aware of the complexity, arduousness and repeatability of the anti epidemic struggle, it is necessary to constantly put forward new ideas and methods to solve epidemic prevention concerns. Only by hearing the voice of the masses, seeing the needs of the people, and increasing the care and help for special groups such as the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled, can we gather a strong joint force to overcome the difficulties.

Looking back to 2020, in the face of the life and death test and the huge physical and mental pressure brought by the long period of isolation, the broad masses of the people do not fear the life and death struggle, do not shrink back from the dangers, or act towards the risks, or silently stick to, and contribute to the epidemic prevention and control in various ways, which embodies the great unity of the Chinese people as one, sharing weal and woe.

At present, China's epidemic prevention and fighting work is facing severe challenges, and we must not let the hard won achievements in epidemic prevention and control be abandoned. Within and outside the Great Wall and across the Yangtze River, only by thinking and making efforts in one place, paying close attention to various prevention and control work, and integrating personal warmth, collective honor and disgrace, and national security, can we build a strong barrier for mass prevention and control, and resolutely win the battle for the prevention and control of regular epidemics.


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