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Firm confidence, scientific, accurate and effective prevention and control of epidemic situation

Source:kydmaskmachine    Date:Wed-Nov    (206)

Precisely demarcating high-risk areas, optimizing and adjusting control areas, reasonably arranging the scope of nucleic acid testing population, safely relieving stranded personnel, carrying out "landing inspection" for trans provincial floating personnel, and returning to work in an orderly manner... Since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, various departments in various regions and regions in Guangdong have combined their own reality to refine the implementation plan for prevention and control, solidly promote 20 optimization measures, and constantly improve the scientificity, accuracy, and effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control.

Adhering to science and accuracy is an inevitable choice to win the battle for epidemic prevention and control, and it is also an important experience that has proved effective in practice. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, we have constantly deepened our understanding of COVID-19, and constantly adapted to the new situation of prevention and control in practice to optimize and adjust prevention and control measures to ensure that the severity rate and mortality rate of COVID-19 in China remain at a low level. Both the ninth version of the epidemic prevention and control plan and the latest 20 optimization measures are formulated according to the evolution and change trend of COVID-19 and the improvement and enhancement of China's prevention and control ability. They are choices that respect science and laws, so as to further improve the scientificity, accuracy and effectiveness of prevention and control, so as to control the epidemic in the shortest possible time at a lower cost, Minimize the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development and people's production and life.


At present, Guangdong is suffering from the impact of a new round of epidemic, especially Guangzhou is facing the most complex and severe epidemic situation since the three years of epidemic resistance. Most cities in the province are affected by this round of epidemic. In the face of the severe epidemic, the provincial party committee and government firmly implement the decisions and deployment of the CPC Central Committee, unswervingly adhere to the people first and life first, unswervingly implement the general strategy of "external prevention input and internal prevention rebound", unswervingly implement the general policy of "dynamic zero", adhere to the ninth version of the prevention and control plan and the twenty optimization measures, unswervingly adhere to the province's one game chess integration of all aspects of power, scientific, accurate and effective prevention and control of the epidemic. On the one hand, it is emphasized to make the epidemic fast, strictly implement the "four early" requirements, efficiently promote nucleic acid detection, flow regulation and traceability, cut off the source of infection as soon as possible, control the spread of the epidemic, and prevent new outbreaks; On the other hand, we should focus on science and accuracy, update the risk area designation and control in a timely manner according to the changes in the epidemic situation, unseal the areas that meet the unsealing conditions "at the first time", restore social order in an orderly manner, do a thorough and meticulous job in service assurance, and effectively coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development.


Through the concerted efforts of the whole province, the rapidly rising epidemic situation in key areas such as Haizhu District of Guangzhou has been initially curbed. In recent days, the number of new cases has gradually declined in fluctuations, and the overall epidemic prevention situation is gradually stabilizing. At the same time, we should be soberly aware that the current prevention and control situation is still complex and severe, and there is still uncertainty in the follow-up development. A slight relaxation will rebound. The prevention and control work is in a critical period and an arduous stage of "sailing against the current, not advancing is retreating", and we should not allow any relaxation. The more critical and challenging the period is, the more important it is to improve the scientificity, accuracy and effectiveness of prevention and control, strengthen confidence, maintain composure and inspire spirit, fully implement the ninth version of the prevention and control plan and the twenty optimization measures, highlight problem orientation and effect orientation, and scientifically and accurately do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.


In the face of the complex COVID-19, the key to achieving dynamic social clearance is scientific and accurate, and to compete with mutants with faster transmission speed and stronger concealment. To win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, we must grasp the "time effect" of prevention and control measures, strive to find ways and work hard to improve the accuracy of prevention and control, optimize and adjust the risk zone determination, control and unsealing, nucleic acid testing and other measures according to the time and situation, and truly control the control, implement the implementation in place, and resolutely cancel the cancellation. At the same time, it is necessary to further strengthen the responsibility, firmly compact the "four responsibilities" of territories, departments, units and individuals, promote leading cadres at all levels, especially the top leaders of the party and government, to go to the grass-roots level and the front line, give full play to the role of grass-roots party organizations as a fighting fortress and the vanguard role of party members, scientifically, accurately and solidly promote the optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures, and resolutely overcome paralysis, war weariness, fluke mentality, and relaxed mentality, We will resolutely stop the "leakage" of implementation measures.


The epidemic is not over yet, and the war continues. All units throughout the province should further integrate their thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee, firmly adhere to the "three unswervingness", and never relax the goal of dynamic zeroing in social areas. They should be based on prevention, early and fast, and carry out prevention and control work more scientifically, more standardized, faster and more effectively, constantly consolidate and expand the results of prevention and control, and promote the epidemic prevention situation to continue to stabilize and improve, We will resolutely win the battle for epidemic prevention and control.


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