Take Practice as the War and Take Precautions to Build a Security Barrier for Epidemic Prevention-KYD Mask machine
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Take Practice as the War and Take Precautions to Build a Security Barrier for Epidemic Prevention

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In order to better respond to the current severe and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control across the country, we will work together with local governments to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the safety and health of all cadres and workers in the Center. Fenyi County, Jiangxi Province organized a practical drill of nucleic acid testing for all staff, and Yalin Center sent many volunteers to actively participate in the assistance.


The regional nucleic acid detection practice drill is carried out scientifically, efficiently, safely and orderly in the form of regions, periods and batches. During the drill, the volunteers of Yalin Center cooperated with the community and medical staff to carry out the nucleic acid testing practice drill in an orderly manner from the aspects of resident guidance, registration information, on-site sampling, and order maintenance. At the same time, the "green channel" was opened for the residents with mobility difficulties to ensure that the residents did not huddle or queue up during the drill, and the connection was reasonable, orderly and efficient, so as to comprehensively improve the testing efficiency and reduce the waiting time of the masses. At the same time, all the cadres and staff of the Center participated in this drill, which laid a solid foundation for improving the staff's ability to prevent and control the epidemic situation.


Since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, the leadership of the Asian Forest Center has attached great importance to it, actively responded to local epidemic prevention and control requirements, held a special deployment meeting in time, quickly established a regular volunteer service team for epidemic prevention and control, and kept watch on the central area and surrounding areas 24 hours a day. Up to now, the center has been on duty for more than 220 person times and more than 400 hours.


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