Mask body machine internal composition how much do you know - KYD news-KYD Mask machine
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Mask body machine internal composition how much do you know - KYD news

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Mask body machine internal composition how much do you know - KYD news
    The Mask Blank Making Machine is a machine that automatically produces mask bodies. Including automatic feeding, nose insertion, cutting, folding, wrapping, super-sound fusion, slicing and other full process automation, the output is extremely high.
    KYD mask body machine host circuit control box, imported with electronic accessories, made of high-tech personnel.
In the mask equipment, the frequency converter plays a big role, so KYD pays special attention to quality and adopts the Jingyan (Sino-German joint venture) brand. In addition, this brand is also used in 1.5KW motors and 60W speed motors.
    KYD mask body machine ultrasonic electronic box system, ultrasonic HORN, edge welding wheel, body folding welding wheel, body cutter wheel and other configuration research and development are imported SKD11 material, with excellent technical team concentrate, precision, rigorous manufacturing .

     KYD has an excellent technical team. We are a close team full of innovation and development moments. We are dedicated to providing you with the most complete mechanical equipment, challenges and opportunities with a strong technical research and development team and strong innovation power. Coexistence, we are full of self-confidence, work together, unite and forge ahead, faster, better, stronger is our goal.
    KYD has sophisticated production and processing equipment. We continuously introduce advanced production and processing technologies at home and abroad, integrate into our own production technology, realize independent innovation capability, improve product competitiveness and maintain market leading position.
    KYD has a rigorous assembly team, “one tree, one bodhi, one sand and one world.” Everything in life is originally composed of details, and the details are often the most overlooked. I don’t know the inconspicuous details. It is a landscape, it is a flower in the hand, and it is sunshine in your arms. Small things often play a major role.
    KYD equipment is of superior quality and is sold both at home and abroad. Perennial supply contracts with customers in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil, the United States and Russia. The quality of the products produced by the machine can be compared with similar products outside the United States, and has gained good reputation.


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