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Kyd mask machine several basic information - KYD news

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Kyd mask machine several basic information - KYD news
First, the mask body machine
Model: KYD-MF001
    This machine is an automatic production machine. Including automatic feeding, nose insertion, cutting, folding, edging, ultrasonic fusion, slicing and other full process automation, the output is extremely high.
This machine can automatically produce multi-layer material flat mask finished machine. It can use 1~4 layers of PP spunbonded non-woven activated carbon and filter material. The whole machine is inserted from raw material into nose line, edge-sealed and cut into The products are all one line automatic operation, according to the different raw materials used, can reach different standards such as N95, FFP2. Kyd This flat mask production equipment has stable performance, high output, low defect rate and easy operation. The mask body machine is equipped with several inner ear mask machines, outer ear mask machines, strap mask machines or ear belt spot welding machines, which can produce various masks such as inner ear masks, outer ear masks, and strap masks.


Second, N95 cup mask setting machine
Model: KYD-MC001
    This machine is a fully automatic cup-type mask thermoforming machine. It can automatically complete multiple processes from feeding, cutting, and returning materials, which can save 3-5 manpower compared with traditional manual operation. It adopts PLC control system and touch screen setting. It is easy and quick to operate. It can be used by single person and can form 6 masks at a time. It only needs manual discharge and reclaiming.
    The mask device is used for the initial molding of a cup-shaped mask, and has a fully automatic cup-type mask forming machine and a semi-automatic cup-type mask thermoforming machine, and each machine is divided into different models and simultaneously produces products. From four, eight to more, for customers to choose the right model.
The mask forming machine uses a high temperature hot press forming principle to firmly form the workpiece. The mask forming machine can automatically complete multiple processes from feeding, to one molding, cutting and returning. Compared with traditional manual feeding, material returning and cutting, 3-5 personal workers can be omitted, and masks can be produced every minute. 30-36, using PLC control system, touch screen setting, operation is simple and fast, can be used by single player, only manual discharge and reclaiming. Greatly improved production efficiency.
    KYD Automatic Mask Machine Factory has been working on the development and production of mask machines, and has been making better mask production equipment for customers by continuously optimizing the performance of the machine. KYD is also constantly optimizing the performance and production capacity of the upgraded mask machine, steadily speeding up the collection and transmission of masks, improving the productivity and efficiency of the mask machine, and helping the company to create greater profits. Because of our professionalism and care, it makes you more worry-free.


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