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Mask machine manufacturer to produce mask planning - KYD News

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Mask machine manufacturer to produce mask planning - KYD News

    Cup-shaped masks are designed for people's health. In order to prevent some visible or invisible substances that are harmful to the human body from being filtered, they will not cause unnecessary effects on the human body.
    The cup mask adopts polypropylene which is non-toxic, tasteless, non-allergenic, non-irritating, free of any toxic and harmful substances and glass fiber. It is humanized design, high-standard material selection, high-quality material selection, high quality factory, soft and full of feel. High-efficiency filtration, anti-low toxicity, odor removal, breathable comfort, hygiene, convenience, safety and aesthetics.

    Cup masks have the advantage:
1. Ergonomic nose design with soft foam nose pad for added comfort.
2, the cup's unique shape design, the mask and face are more airtight, dust, viruses can not easily leak into;
Scope of application:
N95 masks, dust masks, protective masks, respirator and other cup masks, etc...
    Mask production line
1, the basic area of ??the workshop is 11M wide and 15M long
2, between each line is a channel, between the channels is 1.5M
3, raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse can be planned according to their own production capacity and shipping conditions.
4, the production workshop is best to seal the room temperature clean room, workers must wear hoods, shoe covers.
5, the workshop must be equipped with 7.5 horse air compressor supply, the voltage is 220 volts, the total power is about 10KW.
6, the workshop can swing 5 production lines, each production line can be placed 2-4 sets of equipment, each production line length 8m * 1.2m
    KYD was founded in 1999. It is a professional equipment manufacturer integrating research/manufacturing/sales/service. It is a high-end manufacturing enterprise that is driven by ultrasonic to the non-woven fabric industry. Independent research and development and production of three major types of professional machinery and equipment: medical labor insurance mask machine series, non-woven beauty products manufacturing machine series, non-woven hotel aviation products manufacturing machine series, can be customized according to customer requirements for a variety of non-standard equipment.


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