Lai Yiming, an advanced individual in the province's fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic: Let more masks and equipment "go out" to help fight the epi-KYD Mask machine
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Lai Yiming, an advanced individual in the province's fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic: Let more masks and equipment "go out" to help fight the epi

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Among the advanced individuals in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Guangdong Province, he is one of the few manufacturing companies and the only manufacturing company employee in Dongguan to receive this honor. He is Lai Yiming, a commissioning engineer at Dongguan Kuayuda Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

"I am very surprised and excited. This is not only my personal honor, but also a collective honor. It is an affirmation of our Kuayuda and Dongguan enterprises' efforts and dedication in this fight against the epidemic." Speaking of this honor, Lai Yiming couldn't hide his pride on his face. During the days and nights when he went into the workshop for 16 hours and worked for 3 months without a day off, scenes flashed in his mind, "If you produce one more piece of equipment, you will produce more masks."

This year, the production capacity of Kuayuda mask machines has increased from less than 300 units a year to more than 300 units per month.

So far, Lai Yiming still enters the workshop every day, debugging mask production equipment amidst the roar of the machine, allowing more mask machines to come out of Kuayuda and help fight the epidemic.

Soak in the workshop for 3 months

"Come on!" At around 3 a.m. in mid-March this year, Lai Yiming led a few skilled workers at the door of Kuaiyuda. Finally, he hoped that the spare parts came, removed from the car, and went straight to the production workshop. Install KN95 mask production equipment.

Liu Yanchang, the production director of Kuayuda, remembers this scene to this day. This is also the daily routine of Lai Yiming and Kuayuda's employees in this year's anti-epidemic production battle.

27-year-old Lai Yiming joined Kuayuda, a mask automation equipment manufacturer in Tangxia, Dongguan in 2010. He started as an apprentice in mold production and was diligent and studious. He became an equipment commissioning engineer in less than 3 years.

"He is the company's ace engineer. As long as there is an important project, I think of letting him be responsible for the first time." Liu Yanchang told reporters that this year's Spring Festival, the epidemic hits, masks are in emergency, and they occupy 30% of the global market for mask equipment. In the fight against the epidemic, Lai Yiming became the company's KN95 mask production equipment project leader.

At that time, Lai Yiming was celebrating the Spring Festival in his hometown in Jieyang with his family. After receiving the company's "Proposal" for the emergency resumption of production, he set off quickly. He hurried back to Tangxia at noon on the third day of the New Year and went to work in the workshop in the afternoon. , I am in a particularly anxious mood. Thinking of the shortage of masks, we who make mask equipment must quickly build the equipment so that manufacturers can produce masks so that everyone can wear masks. This task is critical and important."

Now recalling the situation to the reporter, Lai Yiming's expression was unconsciously tense.

Throughout February, Lai Yiming did not return home, lived and lived in the factory, and led the production team to work day and night. From debugging to equipment delivery, he personally participated in overcoming the process, adjusting the process structure, and increasing the production capacity of the equipment. Work overtime until two or three in the morning, go back to the dormitory to rest for four or five hours, and plunge into the workshop the next morning.

Lai Yiming's phone is also on call 24 hours a day, and he provides after-sales service support and technical guidance for mask production customers through video calls day and night.

In this way, from February to April, Lai Yiming spent almost every day in the workshop, working more than 16 hours a day, breaking the record of three months of continuous work without rest.

Continue to fight the production line to contribute to the fight against the epidemic

When the reporter met Lai Yiming in the production workshop of Kuayuda, he was patiently debugging KN95 mask production equipment with technicians.

"Since May, everyone's working status has gradually returned to daily life, and the sleepless'fighting' working status has eased, but they often work overtime." Lai Yiming told reporters that the overseas epidemic is still severe, and the domestic epidemic prevention and control has not been relaxed. , The demand for mask production equipment is relatively large, and the production team continues to fight on the front line, "We must let more mask machines go to mask manufacturers at home and abroad, and make greater contributions to the fight against the epidemic."

Liu Yanchang introduced that as a technical debugging expert, in order to ensure the normal operation of major mask production customers, Lai Yiming took the initiative to request a business trip to mask manufacturers across the country and shuttle to every protective mask production site that needs after-sales service support for the smooth operation of protective masks. Production escort. Since the fight against the epidemic at the beginning of the year, Lai Yiming, as the project leader, has set an example, influenced and led the production line personnel, went all out, and made positive contributions to alleviating the gap in epidemic protection masks. The annual output is less than 300 units, and the monthly output exceeds 300 units, and the output that can only be completed in the past year is completed in one month.

During the interview, Lai Yiming said that the honor of "Guangdong Province's Advanced Individual in Fighting the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic" belongs to the collective. Colleagues left their families to care for everyone together, forgot the length of work, and forgot to produce and debug mask machines day and night to fight the epidemic. This honor is an affirmation and a motivation, and it inspires everyone to work harder in the future.


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