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3 Mar, Symposium of Board Members of Seiwajyuku Managenment School 

Invited by chairman Mr. Zeng, the director team of Seiwajyuku Managenment School, Dongguan Branch, came to KYD to hold a tea party. The two sides had a pleasant exchange. At the meeting, the board members of Dongguan branch put forward many valuable suggestions for the development of KYD.They guide and share their personal changes with the wisdom of Inamori, follow the altruistic heart, and continue to strive for the happiness of the employees.


8 Mar ,Celebrate International Women's Festival

In order to show the charm of women in the new Era, On the occasion of  International Women's Day on 8 March, The girls of the company organized by KYD Aid association to carry out a joyful outdoor trip. Activities are well-deployed and meticulously arranged.Girls not only enjoy the special car service from companys male,Enjoy exquisite dim sum afternoon tea,There are also happy roses and gifts that symbolize femininity from Chairman Mr. Zeng.There was a lot of fun at the event site, and all kinds of interactive games were brilliant.Everyone spent an unforgettable and happy festival together.As company grows,the female employee is growing.Implementing care for employees and paying attention to their physical and mental health development is what the company attaches great importance.The activities provide a platform for female employees to develop their talents,show the female charm of KYD in the new era and strive to be the goddess of self-improvement and happiness of KYD.


12 Mar, Volunteer Arbor Day

The green hills add new green, and the party flag adds brilliance.In order to implement the green development concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets,Protect the ecological environment and let green flow in life,On the morning of March 12, KYD and other CPP leaders  jointly launched the "Love Green, Protect Green, I Go First" Arbor Day theme party day activity. KYD party members and the Aid Association members participated in the activity.The caring volunteers carefully weeded and fertilized the saplings, poured sweat in the sun, the crisp sound of hoes and the fragrance of birds and flowers in the mountains and forests blended together, human and nature merged.Through their actions, the volunteers not only nourished their minds and bodies, but more importantly passed on the beauty of nature. Through this Arbor Day event, the volunteers' environmental protection concept was strengthened, more people were called on to actively participate and use practical actions to jointly protect Mother Earth.


4, 20 Mar, Volunteer Activity

According to the needs of Tangxia,Dongguan epidemic prevention and control, KYD sent a love team to the Keyuan City station to support the epidemic prevention and control work.Tangxia epidemic prevention battle entered an emergency situation in March,Various regions take measures to close and control, and enterprises stop work and production.Ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention in various regions during the lockdown period requires a large number of volunteer support.So KYD firmly responded to the government's call and dispatched corporate personnel to support it, demonstrating corporate social responsibility and responsibility.



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