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KYD 23rd Anniversary Material Promotion

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Time flies in the blink of an eye,Before we know,KYD has already ushered in its 23rd birthday.In the past 23 years, KYD people have worked hard in the fierce market competition, forged ahead, accepted the baptism of the market, and achieved fruitful results.In order to celebrate this special day, on August 8, 2022, an anniversary celebration was held grandly


This celebration is mainly to thank the shareholders, branches, and employees who have followed KYD along the way. At the same time, hope that everyone can continue to work together to create new achievements.


This celebration is also to thank support and understanding of new and old clients. In order to express our gratitude, all the materials of KYD will be sold at a 10% discount,validity is 8.8-8.31,Figure below for your reference.


Mr. Zeng Junfu, General Manager of KYD, delivered a speech and announced the start of the anniversary celebration. Employees from various departments and branches of KYD came on stage one after another, bringing joy to everyone with carefully prepared programs, and also showing the talent and vitality of KYD people.


The management cadres of KYD also prepared programs for everyone. They used the products made by KYD's newly developed new surgical gown machine to make various kinds of clothes by hand. This is the China's first surgical gown machine containing a protective sheet. It is believed that this equipment will be a great progress and breakthrough for the entire medical device field.


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Medical gowns body making machine:

KYD nonwoven fabric factory :


KYD is a caring company that always seeks benefits for its employees. Every month, we will carefully prepare birthday parties for employees whose birthdays is in that month, and this month's birthday stars and KYD hold a birthday party together. 


With the end of the "Birthday Song", the factory celebration gradually came to an end. hope that the family members of KYD can be happy all the time and also wish KYD's business to be prosperous.


A new year, new challenges and new breakthroughs, KYD will complete the construction of the new factory next year, We will be hosting our 24th anniversary celebration in our new factory


hope that the epidemic will subside and spring will bloom. we will meet you in KYD Industrial Park in the coming year.





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