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KYD 23rd Anniversary Celebration

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   With the concept of“continuously creating value for clients”,KYD has already engaged in automation industry for 23 years and formed a complete supply chain during these year, including machine,mould,material. Provide one-stop solution for clients.

  August 8, 2022,KYD ushered in its 23rd birthday,an anniversary celebration was held grandly to thank support and understanding of our clients and shareholders, branches, employees who followed KYD along the way.

  With grateful heart

“Never forget the favor received,hope that in the days to come, we can still go hand in hand and achieve more brilliant achievements”Mr Zheng,general manager of KYD said.


   And then,Employees from various departments and branches of KYD came on stage one after another to bring joy to everyone with carefully prepared programs,  showing the talent and vitality of KYD people.Youtube link for more:


  This event is hosted by KYD welfare Committee,a caring and selfless organization, which is mainly responsible for various welfare activities in the society, such as fundraising, social volunteer work, and the organization of KYD's internal activities, like birthday parties for employees.

  Every month,  KYD welfare Committee will carefully prepare birthday parties for employees whose birthdays is in that month, This month's birthday stars attended an unprecedented birthday party with KYD.


  Continuously enterprising and innovative enterprise

  KYD has been committed to research and development, Currently many new equipment are under development.including

  1. Fully automatic N95 cup mask machine

  2. Medcial gown making machine

  3. Automatic fish shape lipe language mask making machine


  KYD Healthcare & Medical Industrial Park is under construction,,consisting of six buildings and the total area is above 20,000 ㎡. Next year when KYD’s 24th Anniversary, let us gather here together.








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