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2019 KYD July New face training!

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2019 KYD July New face training!
The picture of the front is constantly!
a big wave of fresh and vibrant
Little brother, young lady is struggling!
The first step: new colleagues introduce themselves
KYD May-July new employee training is about the same, the first step is of course the icebreaker! Everyone went on stage to introduce themselves, everyone was generous and unpretentious, and the lively little friends could tell a joke on the spot, and the classroom atmosphere became active!

The second step: the big class opens
The course includes the company's corporate culture, development history, and personnel and administrative systems. The content of the course is very detailed and rich, and the younger ones are also very serious in learning. Everyone is taking notes in detail and watching this situation, and will soon become a qualified "KYD".
The third step: career planning
With the goal, there is a direction to struggle! HR Liu and his new colleagues explained: What is career planning, why should there be career planning, and finally use practice to explain how to develop career planning! !


KYD's first newcomer training class in July,
That's it!
New colleagues,
In the next work,
I hope that I can learn what I have learned.
Integrate KYD into this warm family as soon as possible.
KYD unites as one,
Together to meet the challenges!


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