Growing together is a fate--Celebrating the 20th anniversary of KYD-KYD Mask machine
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Growing together is a fate--Celebrating the 20th anniversary of KYD

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Growing together is a fate--Celebrating the 20th anniversary of KYD

    Looking back on the past, we are proud of what we have achieved and looking forward to the future. We feel even more serious. The achievements of the past two decades have laid a good foundation for our future development.
    In the next 20 years, we must be more aware of the situation and tasks facing KYD, carry forward the challenges, and continue to forge ahead.
Comrades, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    While developing new products, KYD strives to shorten the development cycle, reduce the cost of development projects, and strive to reduce procurement costs while improving product quality; strengthen team building and improve management level, such as: document signing, data management (such as: drawings), The handover of items, the maintenance and management of assets, the handling of administrative affairs, etc. are all standardized system management; strengthening the training of all employees, improving the loyalty of employees to the enterprise, and striving to improve the execution ability and coordination of communication skills of the middle management team. Centralize management knowledge, execution, and training for management cadres, and make full use of monthly meetings to discuss and inculcate the company's business philosophy. Through the study and training, our management team has significantly improved their quality in terms of ideas, work style, business skills, and executive communication skills. The corporate culture will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the cohesiveness of KYD will be further enhanced. All of the above work results show that our management level has risen to a new height, and the company is developing towards a modern enterprise management concept of standardization and scale.

    The company's “people-oriented” culture leads us to accumulate our happiness and share it with the people around us. Personal development should keep up with the main theme of kyd development. This idea enables employees to integrate their own development into the development of kyd, consistent with the development of kyd, and make themselves part of kyd's core competitiveness.
    With the vigorous development of the company's business, the workforce has also grown rapidly. Under the guidance of the company's strategic goals, everyone is united, striving for progress, strengthening team learning, focusing on project tempering, the technical level of the old employees is constantly improving, and the new employees are also very Quickly adapt to the pace of development of the company, and actively participate in intense and orderly work.

    In the days to come, we will still walk more firmly on the road. We will still embrace our dreams. No matter how many bumps and hardships ahead, we always have reason to believe that the beautiful scenery must be in front!
    A twenty-year KYD led a young team to set off! You don't need a lot of rhetoric, and all the sobriety and fortitude are in your heart. "To achieve our goals, we must innovate in the business model and be closer to the customer's requirements!"



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