KYD Engineering Department conducts PDM system training-KYD Mask machine
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KYD Engineering Department conducts PDM system training

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KYD Engineering Department conducts PDM system training
On August 21st, KYD Engineering Department conducted training on PDM system. The director of Engineering Department explained to all colleagues in the engineering department the importance of PDM to automation equipment manufacturers and the standardized management of drawings.
What is PDM?
PDM is software-based, a technology that manages all product-related information (including electronic documents, digital files, database records, etc.) and all product-related processes, including workflows and change processes. It provides information management throughout the product lifecycle and enables a parallel collaborative environment for product design and manufacturing across the enterprise.
PDM products that meet the needs of all aspects of the enterprise should have nine functions, including document management, workflow and process management, product structure and configuration management, viewing and annotation, scanning and image services, design retrieval and parts libraries, project management, Electronic collaboration, tools and "integration" features.

    In addition, the PDM system not only manages the design data of the products, in fact, the product data needs to be managed from the market needs, conceptual design, engineering design, digital simulation, production preparation, processing and manufacturing, sales and delivery, and maintenance services. It is closely integrated with production management system such as ERP, and provides a complete technical data foundation for management activities such as production planning, workshop control, material procurement, and financial accounting. Common problems in PLM implementation and application
    KYD was founded in 1999. It is a mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise that develops, manufactures and sells medical labor mask machine series, medical mask machine, dust mask machine and other automation equipment based on ultrasonic technology. The mask equipment manufacturer has its own professional R&D design team with super superb. The technical finishing, assembly and debugging team can customize all kinds of non-standard automation equipment according to customer requirements. The automation equipment designed and manufactured is widely recognized and praised by more than 1000 customers at home and abroad.


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