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Let love continue, let touch warm you and me ——a warm birthday party

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Each picture freezes the beautiful experience
The joy of Zeng, Shi, and Liu's full bloom ...
Achang, Jialong, and Siyue, Dongmei, Liu Peng, and many others who silently give together, thank you!
Thanks to everyone who has participated in this event ...
We laugh together, we go crazy together, we reflect on the past
Happy, warm, touching, warm ...


Even though we don't often contact each other, but we know each other, we all reserve a place of friendship in each other's heart.
Even though we will be severely criticized when we make mistakes at work, we can feel that this is an expectation of growth ...
Maybe because of different divisions of work and different positions, we are not a family but we spend more time than one family. May we have more of each other ’s strengths in each other ’s eyes and give each other more appreciation and encouragement. On the way to struggle in the future, we will One more strength to persevere.


Here, we also feel the responsibility of choosing big love for responsibility. The children ’s innocent blessings come from us. What we see is comfort. This big love has set a lofty example for children and believes in children. When we grow up, we will understand ... Crydom Content Management System
Here, there are more than ten years of marriages that have been together. The stress of life may have let us breathless, and romance may no longer be the theme of life. However, the heart is solid, because we know that in our lives There is another half, we are not alone to carry on, but we have carried the family together, deep love has been integrated into life, support each other along the way, rely on each other!

At the birthday party, what touched us most was the deep mother-child relationship. When I was a kid, my mother carried us on my back and carried me on my back. We grew up. It seems that we and our mother's arms are getting farther and farther. It seems that the mother is no longer needed. Arms, but when we grow up, our mother is indeed old and can't carry us anymore. When President Shi carries his mother, I believe that everyone has waves in his heart, and I wish everyone a good Cherish the days when my parents are around, because once again, there are so many wishes that can never be realized ...

I am grateful for the various moves that will appear every birthday ...
Thanks for all the goodness you met ...
Here for the sake of work, the birthday stars who are away on business, you use actions to explain the reality of responsibility, and owe you a happy birthday! thank you all! (Text / Lillan)
Thank you KYD, let's meet each other!
In the future, I hope everyone can create a happy and beautiful life on the KYD platform in the name of love!
May we all be capable enough to spread love.
All good wishes to you!
happy Birthday!




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