good news! KYD Ships Ten Devices Simultaneously-KYD Mask machine
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good news! KYD Ships Ten Devices Simultaneously

Source:kydmaskmachine    Date:Mon-Dec    (325)

Today is a day that is worth the joy of all our partners.
10 devices went out smoothly and created a good performance of more than 4 million in a single database!
It has laid a solid foundation for the achievement of the annual task targets.
We are extremely happy and proud of this achievement!
In the past few days, the partners in the production line have gone all out for the annual warehouse delivery.
Behind the record-breaking is the pouring of hard sweat, even in the middle of the night,
The workshop is still brightly lit and more often than not working,
forgot time,
You have overcome one technical difficulty after another with strong perseverance. You have endured one night after another with toughness.
You use Phi Xing Daiyue to run where customers need it most, 
You write the greatness of hard work with action,
Masters, you have worked hard!
This good news is for you,
Today's applause belongs to you!


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